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Speeding + extenuating circumstances

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  • Speeding + extenuating circumstances

    Tried doing a search for this, but couldn't find anything relevant.

    I recently binned the bike and was driven away in the meat wagon. My mother was contacted and all she was told was that her son had been in a motorbike accident and was being taken to hospital via ambulance. She was pinged for doing 20 over on a dual carriageway on her way up there.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Were you able to contest it successfully? The main line of argument is going to be based on her state of mind given the recent news and that she had no idea how severely I had been injured (just a broken thumb and some bark loss) until she arrived at hospital. She also has an impeccable driving record if that contributes at all.

    Thanks for reading.

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    don't like her chances


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      Figured as much, but you never know.


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        Funnily enough, when working at a supermarket and detaining a theif, I was nearly run over by his girlfriend and she also did "a burnout" infront of many people. When I mentioned this to the police officer on the scene he told me they could not do anything since apparently the girlfriend though the theif was being "unlawfully" detained so she acted out in her state of mind to run me over (even though he was lawfully detained).


        The cop was lazy and could not be bothered to deal with it


        Good luck


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          Had a friend get done for 30K's over after he was driving another mate to hospital after he broke his arm/severe lacerations in an accident.
          He tried to fight it and lost. Thats going back quite a few years, and I don't think its changed since then.


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            sorry champ not going to help much. I was told on good authority that no matter what you aren t allowed to speed doesn t matter what the issue is. I got done by the cops trying to get to my grand mothers bed side . I arrived to late but the cop s said to bad heres your fine . Doesn t matter what the state of mind is. Or who it is.
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              Thanks guys, I'll let her know.


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                My missus got pinged a couple of years ago on Alexander DR doing 10 over when we were rushing our then 4 yr old son to Joondalup Hospital

                She wrote a letter to the cops/fines enforcement stating the extenuating circumstances and they dropped the infringement :o

                Worth a try, nothing to lose, particularly if she (like the missus) has a spotless driving record
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                Originally posted by Phildo
                Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                  Writing a letter is a cheap way to find out. If you have some documentation from the hospital, even better.

                  Don't see that they have to let ya off, but if theyre feeling nice and have the authority to do so.....
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                    Was once advised there is no excuse or reason for speeding (why the fuck do they always ask?). Best you can do is write your letter and/or go to court and explain to the judge and he might be lenient but make sure you state road condition, traffic density, weather conditions (, driving record etc. and place emphasis on contrition and good luck!!
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                      Fight it all the way............
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                        A man called CitizenD has a nice opinion on this. Very different circumstances but still pathetic on WAPOL's behalf.
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                          Just because we have something called a justice system doesn't mean it is.

                          Had a medical scientist get camera'd for 10-20 over on way to hospital on safe quite road at night going to hospital to ensure suitable transfusion blood available for an emergency Caesarean.

                          He wasn't speeding to make time just neglecting the speed a little with bigger things on his mind at the time.

                          Court upheld charges........

                          Anyway this Justice of ours is clearly deaf, blind and out of touch, try your luck!


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                            My dad is a doctor (Aneasthetist) and one night he was hooning to rocko hospital coz someone was hurt pretty badly and was pulled over by the cops. He told them what was going on and got let off. But by the time he got to the hospital (10 mins max) the cops had already called them and made sure he was legit .


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                              Rule n:1 there is no acceptable reason for speeding.

                              if you have an issue with this , refer to rule n:1
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