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  • Best Wireless Plan???

    Howdy, just been looking into some wireless internet plans for the laptop but thought I'd save some time and ask what other people were on? I'm looking at spending no more than $50 a month and hopefully getting somewhere around 5Gb. Also I want the internet to be FAST!!!

    Any help is much appreciated, thank-you and come again. ^_^

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    The speed of your wireless is going to depend more on the network (Telstra/Optus/3) that you're on rather than the plan provider.

    Telstra seem to be the best, but you'll pay ALOT more for an equivalent service.

    If you get poor/intermittant signal, get yourself a 3 or 5 db antenna to plug into your modem around town. You need an excellent signal to get a decent wireless service.


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      $39/month for 6 gig with 3. good coverage and service.
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        $33 per month with Crazy John's for 3gb. Less but it's only a 6 month contract and you get the modem free.

        Or $39 for 5gb with voda. They just had a massive upgrade of their towers so it's very quick.

        The problem with '3' is that their coverage is shit, however you can roam onto telstra. When you are roaming with them you get slugged insane prices on top of your $39 monthly charge.


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          Hmm, $39 for 5Gb with vodafone sounds pretty good. Does anyone know how the speed of vodafone compares with telstra? Supposedly Telstra's next G network is suppose to be twice as fast as any other one.