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  • No really for the babes section but NWS

    Cold drink anyone?

    In the words of a Boob Luge ad: “Just fill the breast mold with water, and in two days, you will have two rock hard boobs waiting to be filled with an alcoholic beverage of your choice!” In case the prospect of two “rock hard” breasts pouring ice cold liquor into your mouth isn’t enticing enough, the pitch gets even better: “You can even spice up your Boob Ice Luge by adding LED Pucks…”
    In case your inner drunkard is interested in a Boob Luge to call its own, the ice moulds are available now for $US25 a pop, or roughly $US12.50 a boob. [DrinkingStuff via NerdApproved]

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    that is exactly what my next party needs :awesome:
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      Originally posted by Phildo
      Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
      Originally posted by filbert
      i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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        This is already pretty great but it would be sooo much better if they gave you the kit to make the mold. You could have you're ex-gf's tits pouring you beer... OR EVEN A COWS UDDER!!!

        ... erm in hind sight.

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          Had these at a dance party we put on at a place I worked in the UK.
          The boobs one was amusing, the one for the ladies was even more "interesting".