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Any retic installers here? More help needed!

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  • Any retic installers here? More help needed!

    Just wondering if there are any reticulation installers/repairers here that could help with my retic troubles.

    Basically, retic master solenoid valve was floded and wires shorting out. Have now repaired the leak but the retic controller won't run the system.

    Each time I set a program and try to activate it...the damn controller resets to 0:0 on everything. Makes no sense to me as all the wires are isolated and as they should be.

    The controller is brand new...

    This is really giving me the shits as I have dug up half the garden!! Arrrghhh!!

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    Disconnect the solenoid lines to isolate the problem?
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?