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  • Beer glasses/mugs/steins

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get like a mug or a stein the the lid slightly spring loaded to keep it closed and seal the contents within for when said friend pass's out?

    I've been searching for a while hoping to find such a device but i've been unsuccessful so far.


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    Anything capable of sealing enough to be water-tight is unlikely to also be thumb operated.
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      I've never seen a stein with a spring to close it. They are normally weighted in a way that they will either stay fully open or fully closed.
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        ^^ This. Picture going to take a swig of tasty beverage, and it snaps closed on your snoz. Not a bright idea huh?
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          i swear i have seen some type of one where you squeeze the handle to open it...... will go have a look see for it


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            compromise and get these, at least he wont drop it when he passes out

            Just dont use two at once, they are hard to take off on your own after a few
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              i know this isnt exactly what you had in mind but i guess its a start if you really dont trust your guests that much lol

              William's Cup --- No more spilling, ideal for take away drinks, the mobile anti-spill cup


              OR make everyone do this
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                Mmmmmm. I feel like a drink.

                A nice cup of yoghurt for me thanks
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