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Who did i meet at Waverock

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  • Who did i meet at Waverock

    I forgot your names already....
    PM me and I can send over some pics.
    im a holding, stroking, loving machine...also spanking

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    A guy called "The Saint" was one of them.

    (These are the pics of your missus flashing at Wave Rock, right?)
    Originally posted by Melkor
    The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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      heh nope. must be other PSB members. It was a guy&girl over in the area closest to the path to the rock.
      Girl has a UK accent. Guy works for Rio

      edit: these guys
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      im a holding, stroking, loving machine...also spanking


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        Didnt meet you guys but was there but drove the Bus for the eco warriors. Had a great time. Enjoyed the Wagons show immensley. Loved the freedom of free reign at the rock too.


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          oh some PSBers up at the wave rock weekender ?? i was about 20ks up the road at smithys place watching the hyden 400 offroad race. im sure i saw a mad shirt there somewhere to. i was the guy walking around in the psb hoodie all weekend.
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