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Can you wheelie a pushie?

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  • Can you wheelie a pushie?

    Alright, so i reckon i can do an OK wheelie on a motorbike, but i have never been able to do a respectable wheelie on a pushie.

    Recently i aquired a little bmx and today I have been trying to perfect this art because it's a bit of fun.

    But for the life of me I can't do a decent wheelie . My best one went for about 5 metres and that was a fluke.

    By a wheelie on a pushie i mean been able to hold it at balance point for a decent amount of metres most of the time you attempt one.

    So can you do a decent wheelie on a pushie? Is there a link to wheelies on motorbikes?
    I can wheelie anything with 2 wheels
    I can wheelie a pushie but not a motorbike
    I can wheelie a motorbike but not a pushie
    Wheelies are too dangerous for me
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    Watch out Col or you'll break your collarbone ^_^

    Seriously, most of the balancing is the same. Just push down on the pedals with your feet and yank the bars up. Cover the brake and do the rest. Do it on a mountain bike for max points
    FEADCinc, PSB?


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      i can wheelie a pushy, albeit not as good as others i know. I cant wheelie a motorbike but i am yet to give it a serious try. The difference i imagine between them would be that on a motorbike you are using the power of it to get to balance point and keep it there where as on a pushy its more your body weight and arm movements.
      I know people who can get a wheelie up on a pushy and sit on the seat and continue as long as they want. one guy got a flat tire while we were out dirt jumping and rode the 2km trip home on the back wheel. I wish i could wheelie the moto though, licence test in 2 weeks then i can get some practice in

      EDIT: People say cover the break on a pushy, i cant seem to do it. Im not able to pull on the bars as easy. Do learn when to jump off the back though and how not to fall on your face/knees or have the seat catch your groin
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        Weelllll I was starting to get them good on the motorbike (R6, was also getting them on the GPX but the clutch became a sad panda) but won't be able to practice for ages unless I get a dirty.

        So now I am practicing them on the pushie (mountain bike) but damaged my knee after looping it, it's starting to recover though so I'll be trying again. It's a little harder than I thought, seems all or nothing. Either comes up a little bit or loops. I'm also finding myself pushing my right foot down to control it but nothing happens Style of bike might be a problem, I'm only widdle and it's a big bike. I'd love to have a BMX again...

        There's an MCN video about doing wheelies and Neeves says the best way to learn is on a pushie first
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          Originally posted by 02keilj View Post
          Do learn when to jump off the back though and how not to fall on your face/knees or have the seat catch your groin
          Yeah that's how I hurt myself, jumped off the back and landed awkwardly, but on my feet. Bent my knee inwards. I guess it helps to NOT be maggot at the time...
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            hahaha, you still wondering about this!! so cute i want pics when you finally achieve it....

            ps: i'd be happy doing a 5m wheelie...


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              My cousin can wheelie out of sight on either.

              He was always awesome at them as a kid. I remember him wheelieing all the way to the shops on his mountain bike etc.

              I always wondered if any of that skill had transferred to his M/C wheelie prowess...

              Basic logic says that it would.

              As for me, I've always been shit at both.
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                I have seen Charlie Dustbin's 7/8? yo son does perfect wheelie on his BMX in the carpark...much to my amazement.


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                  I voted "I can wheelie a pushie but not a motorbike" because i cant wheelie a road bike, only dirt bikes, so "I can wheelie anything with 2 wheels" wasnt appropriate...


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                    I also think the fact that a pushy is so light and its centre of gravity is in a different spot means the balance point is quite different to that of a motorbike.
                    Also remember the little razor scooters? I can 'wheelie' on of them with 1 hand and 1 foot down a hill...longest i got was about 500m before the hill stopped and i ran outta speed. Though this has not given me any advantage what so ever to wheelies on pushy hmmm might go outside and try some now
                    I was just raising hell I wasn't doing no harm, the cops could not appreciate my natural charm.


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                      i used to practice for ages when i was a kid.... could never do more than 15-20 meters

                      and i dont have the balls or the bank balance to learn on motorbike!!


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                        I can loop both.
                        c o o l s t o r y b r o


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                          Originally posted by browncow View Post
                          I can loop both.

                          is THAT how you lost the back end of your vtz? hehe


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                            My motorbike wheelies are ok, i can wheelie through 1st and most of 2nd gear, but my push bike wheelies are awesome. I used to do a lot of riding a few years ago. If i remember right, my longest wheelie spanned 1.2km's on a push bike. The only reason I stopped was because my arms were getting sore in the forearm section, other then that I could have kept going for a while longer. This was done on a 26 inch MTB.


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                              Bunyack can wheelie an esky!

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