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The Avon Bridge Hotel Northam.

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  • The Avon Bridge Hotel Northam.

    Hi all,

    I would just like everyone to know that a PSB member (Redfern) is now the owner of the finest pub in Northam.

    We would like to turn the pub into a major hangout and drop in point for bikers who are on country runs. The pub has a nice beer garden and lock up parking with overnight accommodation in the form of ensuited rooms and rooms without ensuites.

    With PSB's permission we hope to be able to hold some cool gatherings and events and I will be starting talks with the staff shortly to get one underway.

    We are currently only opening at 3pm daily but we hope to change that soon with weekend lunches.

    We have a restaurant that opens at 6pm, plenty of pool tables and there are some surprisingly hot woman.

    So if anyone is ever riding though Northam stop in and say g'day.

    Thanks all.

    IF the mods have any problems please dont hesitate to shut the thread and pm me.

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    Nice work.


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      Splendid Redfern...

      Northam is a bit of a black hole when I do the big loop... Don't forget to put the bike bays out the front as signal to all... and maybe a collection of handlebars on teh wall...


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        Awesome ^_^

        Pretty sure I stayed there once.
        Pretty sure I'll be seeing it again soon then


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          wheelchair access?
          and baby sit facilities for the 16yr old females that seem to folow me everywhere?
          Bindoon bakery run will morph/deviate into Northam bridge Testing Run.
          Sweet place, a friend of mine used to own it had plenty of good times.


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            Awesome stuff redfern, maybe now i'll actually go on a few more country runs..
            When's the next HRCA ride Spock?
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              Its all been done up now Jamathi the last owner did a really good job. ( by done up I mean its not oldschool country style anymore)

              I believe, and I could be wrong, but that this was the main meeting pub of the 2008 Madride. The previous owner said the pub and carpark was chockers with PSB bikers.

              And yes wheelchair access.


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                awesome news. congratulations


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                    Good Stuff, congrats..Wiill definately pop in ....


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                      Well done Redfern, and thanks for supporting our forum through your purchase of a PSB Sponsorship.


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                        Hats off - that is brilliant!!
                        Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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                          Fantastic dude - looks beautiful.

                          Will have to come up soon!
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                            Very nice.

                            322 Fitzgerald St, Northam WA - Google Maps
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                              Niceone Redfern. When's the first metal night happening, and who else am I DJ'ing with ??