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Fuel Lid Jammed

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  • Fuel Lid Jammed

    The fuel lid on my recently purchase Kawasaki ZX2R appears to be jammed, either that or I'm missing something colossaly stupid.

    Put key in, it twists clockwise to lign up with the . between the two arrows then it won't go any further. Push down on the lid a bit (it's not sitting completely flush) and it will turn all the way to lign up with the arrow head.

    The key won't go any further, the lid won't budge, I've tried twisting it, levering it slightly (didn't want to break anything) moving it about, applying pressure to different areas of the lid etc

    Turn it back to lign up with the . it's stuck again, apply some pressure to the lid and you can hear the lock fingers click back into place, then the key will turn back and can be removed.

    rgvlee suggested some wd40, which made the key turn easier but hasn't got it open. Any ideas oh humble experts of psb, I beseech thee

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    Ooops, wrong forum :/


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      Crow bar.

      Failing that... drill another hole in the top to fill up.
      Make sure you cover it again with glad wrap after filling up.

      Be VERY careful about not snapping the key off.. its not hard to do.

      Sounds like you are doing everything I would have suggested....

      perhaps the next step is to undo the hex bolts on the ring around the lid and see if you can lift the whole thing off using the same technique.. (ie press on the lid to remove pressure off the barrel/lock bolt thingo then turn the key.
      If the hinge or something in it is stopping the lid from hinging, this should get it open/off and you can fix it independant of the bike.
      :mellow: hopefully.


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        my mates CBR205 RR used to do the same thing.

        He found that if he loosened the hex bolts (particuarly the front one) the cap opened easily.

        he had a very very minor twist in the cap that caused it jam.
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          Thanks, I'll give the hex bolts a go and if I can't fix it at least I can get some fuel in there to get it to someone who might know better.


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            dude did this happen recently at a servo and did a good lookin bloke on a vespa try and help out?



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              It happened last night at a BP on Ocean Reef Road actually, around 9pm.


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                ZXR 250 fuel caps you cant pull off just by undoing the hex bolts round the side, there is another screw under the cap that needs to be loosened to pull the whole bit off the tank.

                But spray a little WD40 round the gap between the outside ring and the central piece as well, not just into the key lock. Then grab the lift up keyhole cover, and pull on that, or get a screwdriver wrapped in a bit of rag (so it doesnt damage the metal), and lever the middle section up from the FRONT side of the tank with the key turned all the way round.

                My ZXR has a similar problem, the latch is pretty tight, and can be a real ass hat to get open sometimes, once you get it open, spray some WD40 in the gaps around the actual locking latch, and turn the key a few times to get the latch moving again.

                Loosening off the outside hex bolts a little might help as well, as Hewie said. Then use the combination above to get the bastard open
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                  I used to have a similar problem with my baby KR1-b and it would jam, I had to press down on the cap then turn the key while the lid was pushed down, and this took the pressure off the mechanism.
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                    Well I got home this afternoon, took the whole fuel cap assembly off, took it completely apart and wd40ed the shit out of it, played with all the movable parts till they worked smoothly and put it back on and she all seems to work for now.

                    There's a lot of build up of a white crystal on some of the stuff so I might have to take it apart again and get rid of that, but for now I have fuel!

                    Thanks guys


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                      Originally posted by azathoth@Jul 19 2005, 06:30 PM
                      There's a lot of build up of a white crystal on some of the stuff
                      :o you might want to check it for signs of water in the tank... rusted bits neer the bottom etc.

                      There is an epoxy mix you can use to "plastic coat" the inside of the tank. Had it done on my GSXF. might be worth checking out the tank next time you are thinking of pulling it to bits.