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Anyone dealt with these guys???

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  • Anyone dealt with these guys???

    International Working Holidays | Global Work & Travel

    They claim that they will sort out everything find you a job, sort out visas, bank accounts, TFN's etc. All you need to do is pay for your flights.

    It looks like a good way to get some work while your traveling? Has anyone dealt with them or knows someone who has?


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    Funny you should ask..

    As per the above thread i'm going travelling/working for a while overseas and seeing the world soon enough..hopefully..

    I'm going through far it has been going pretty well. They regularely keep in contact with you updating on what is happening. I'm currently at the stage where my resume/cover letter is been sent to prospective employers in Canada. They are also organising me work for the 2010 vancouver winter olympic games (feb/march '10) which should be wicked.

    So yes so far i have been very happy (started my application about a month or more ago)...will let you know how i go as I get closer to leaving (Jan '10).

    Just FYI for going to canada you apply for a working holiday visa (2 years) at a cost of $190 which lets you work anywhere in canada for as long as you want up to 2 years. If you are going to canada you need to show you have $4000 cash/bank account on you to live on if you manage to become unemployed for a period of time.

    Hope that helps.
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      Sounds awesome Yagadan, will be interesting to see how it all goes for you. I would love to do something like this but my current career path does not allow for deviations just yet

      Good luck!


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        isn't "working holiday" an oxymoron
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