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    The question is, what pubs are left in Perth (or WA) that adhere to RSA? After another cracking night at the Carton, East Perth, what are your thoughts on RSA and pubs?
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    selective, at best. i work casually (very casually) at an unnamed 24-hour restaurant (go figure ). we have a limited license, we cant sell alcohol without a full meal being purchased (helps them make more money, i guess). that said tho, we can't sell alcohol to patrons who are inebriated

    there is always a limit, but it partly boils down to waitperson (and/or managerial) discretion. we've seen tipsy-but-well-behaved guys come in and get served, where there are those had-one-and-is-already-getting-agro who will not be served

    whatever choice we make, for a large part it boils down to making sure we have a job to go back to. if we make sure that patrons are looked after, they're more likely to come back. if we have customers, the restaurant will need the extra hands and we wont get fired. if we follow the rules, we wont get fired. as sad as it is, it definitely boils down to economics
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      It is an absolute circus:

      Went to the Left bank with two mates. One staff member would not serve a double yet another staff member would. Two different people both sober. Then they said we can give you a single with an extra shot next to it, but not now ,next time you ask.

      So I went up and got a long black expresso, with a shot on the side.
      ( yes a poor attempt at being piss funny) but I hope they got the point.

      It is a far cry from when the local shop keerer used to keep Metholated spirits in the fridge for my Dads' mate Michael Barrier (who has since died inexplicably)




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        Crown casino certainly dont. They served Fev.


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          The pubs attached to the bottlo's I've worked in have an amazingly strict stance on drinks, shots etc. Some that leave me scratching my head wondering how the hell the poor girls are supposed to serve only one shot per person per hour when there are a hundred diferent faces and different bars and mates to buy it for them... The girls themselves seem to do their best at it and have seen many a punter cut off. But up there in the wild west Northern suburbs there seems to be a punch up most wednesday Friday and Saturday nights... People get pissed thats it. They drink before they go out, they get mates to buy it for them, don't pace themselves, eat anything and loads of other reasons people will continue to get smashed off their tits and get in trouble.
          I wouldn't ever blame the staff or a venue for other peoples behaviour these days. At least none have ever given me a reason to.


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            They cracked down on RSA a bit in the last few months. We had to get new pouters for all of our spirits and approved glassware to serve everything in. They had to do this casino wide. And this week I got handed another RSA handbook to read and sign saying I have read it.

            Our venue operates differently to most others, because by law we are not allowed to serve doubles and are required to cut people off when they show signs of intoxication. However where I work if you lose/spend enough you can have triple shots of Louis XIII and more. And our power to cut people off is veto'd if someone decides they are a big enough player. Because as soon as you cut someone off they become mire reluctant to play. Which isn't good business for the casino.

            As far as RSA in other venues most seem to follow it, it just that sone are I'll informed. It is a good thing because it protects staff and businesses when they follow it, which of course is the purpose along with protecting patrons.
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              It varies place to place in regards to what is considered drunk, or atleast on the way to becoming drunk. Lots of people get cut off, but the regulars seem to have partial immunity and have a blind eye turned. Which pisses me off.

              Went to the Left bank with two mates. One staff member would not serve a double yet another staff member would. Two different people both sober.
              This is due to training, a lot of the time, you just learn the pubs policy from people that you are working with, who may or may not know the right procedure

              Ultimately the bartender can only do so much, yes we can try and remember who has been drinking with who, and how much, but on a busy night you see a large amount of faces. Depending on what your bouncers are like, they might come up and tell you about people sitting outside etc that are getting a bit pissy so you can keep an eye on them.
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                Basically, The cops and liquor liscensing are being right fuck heads about everything related to alcohol...
                They see that there are fights by people who are not just intoxicated by alcohol and claim that these problems will be fixed by reducing alcohol sales and shutting places earlier.

                There are soo many Bars/clubs in the pipeline that would like to open up, and have the funding to, and these are all little smaller places which are trying to attract older and more sensible crowds out to places like northbridge and the city, however liquor liscensing are saying no to alot of the liscence applications.

                Alot of northbridge will soon be on ID scanners at the door... This has been an initiative by the bars as a group to install these, as a counter to the police trying to shut everyone down at midnight or earlier.

                The same thing is happening to Bars, as it is to road safety
                "Lalala... I wont listen to anyones logical thoughts on the matter or wont talk to people in the industry. Ill just decide by these ridiculous facts i made up and believe, that this is what needs to happen"

                Give it 6 months and places like Northbridge will be cleaned up immensely.
                I can guarantee it.

                In the meantime, Expect alot more places to stop selling doubles (We have as a bar) and although i hate to say it, I wont be surprised if closing times get brought forward aswell.
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                  ive always found asking for drinks coherantly gets me served
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                    Originally posted by g0zer View Post
                    ive always found asking for drinks coherantly gets me served
                    Deep breaths.
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                      yeah and get money out of wallet before you order.. it can be challenging extracting a note of the correct value when under the scrutiny of bar staff who might cut you off at the merest hint of confusion, let alone if you need to combine notes of different values.
                      Originally posted by Bendito
                      If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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                        I've been designated driver (I don't drink at all when driving) and refused service when buying for others drinks for being 'drunk' due to the actions of the people I've been with at the time... Maybe if I explained they weren't drunk yet either, and they're always like that.


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                          It makes me a little ill at my place of work. Everyone there is local, and the locals can drink until they hit the floor. It seems that I am the only girl that refuses to serve people who are dangerously "approaching intoxication" and adheres to this decision. I also refuse to serve alcohol to the indigenous girl who is 3 months pregnant and smokes. The other girls don't care. If liquor and gaming came in they would have a field day!
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                            It also seems bizzare to me that we do not serve shots BUT you can have your poison of choice on the rocks. We don't serve doubles (except for in a pint glass) although you can order two drinks "on the rocks" back to back and we can't say boo.
                            Nothing wrong with a bit of chlorine in the gene pool.


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                              Beware, because the cops are cracking down on it at the moment. I know of one major club that has recently been fined for servig intox (not naming it).

                              However it can be pretty damn hard to pick up how drunk people are, especially in a club/pub that's extremely busy and you can't see people walking to the bar. Makes it hard for bartenders but that's the way it goes and its their responsibility now.
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