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  • All must read (unjust fines)

    You are being conned out of over $2Billion a year and many of you are losing your licenses to dodgy police practices. now…the proof is out there.

    There are several important points you need to watch out for in all radar bookings and the most important of them is police concealment. In all cases whether it be Lidar/Laser, mobile radar or speed camera, their guidelines state that they must not be concealed. Further those same guidelines state that the police vehicles must be fully marked police vehicles with their warning lights and overhead lights on!

    Those guidelines are emplaced to give motorists early warning that they are there and we all know just how they hide behind bushes, bustops and anything handy and deliberately park their cars up driveways and around corners….
    The second important point to remember is … hills and bends. They are not allowed to operate on either.

    Third point is that if you are photographed by a speed camera head on, especially at night, it is illegal for them to do so. In fact be suspicious of any front on speed camera booking and check to see if the “Camera in use” sign has been put out on the opposite side of the road as well as the camera side. The reality is that just about all speed cameras are set up to shoot you from behind only. In that mode they will photograph vehicles coming from the opposite direction if they break the radar beam but it will be a false and erroneous reading if the camera has not been set up correctly to photograph both oncoming and departing traffic.

    all guidelines, manuals and confidential documents the police do not want you to see and uses them in court to help defend motorists. It is not enough to know that the police are breaking the rules if you take the matter to court, you actually have to present the documents as part of the evidentiary process.

    The best advice we can give motorists is to carry a camera and a small tape recorder in your vehicle at all times and if you get pulled up…use them straightaway. Photograph the police and where they have their vehicle parked and tape record the conversation just the same as they do to you without asking your permission to do so.

    now that the evidence is out there that the police are not playing by the rules, its about time the motorists of Australia started lobbying their politicians to bring them into line.

    The next time you see some high ranking policeman on television stating that “If you don’t speed you wont get booked.” It may be as well to remember that they are deliberately misusing radar detection equipment to get high readings that motorists were definitely not doing.

    If you still think the game is fair dinkum then consider that at the back of every police manual there is a poetic statement that if it were not so serious…it would make you cry. That statement is-

    “Radar must not be used at any location or in a mode that would give rise to legitimate adverse criticism or a complaint that radar is a means of raising government revenue”…

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    citations? sources? evidence?


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      deleted some info maybe copyright only wrote what i thought was relevent


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        Originally posted by The Dr View Post
        Third point is that if you are photographed by a speed camera head on, especially at night, it is illegal for them to do so.
        Please quote your source, because this line in particular is complete and utter bullshit.
        "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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          BEAT Speeding Fines Tickets Avoid DEMERIT POINTS Australia Case Handling Scott Cooper ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA

          this is where the info came from go here for more info


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            Do you work for these people or something?
            Originally posted by Desmo
            Why be a cunt about it?


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              no just something I found to try to help others.
              If you like paying fines dont use info


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                What info?

                I don't understand why you wouldn't post your source, or a link to it, in the OP.
                Originally posted by Melkor
                The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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                  I thought the info would be enough. But I was wrong so I posted the source two post down as I was requested to do so by some readers


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                    sorry to all for posting info that I thought might help some people, next time I find helpfull stuff I will keep it to myself and the rest can keep paying fines and increase gov revenue


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                      Lulz. Thats not a "source", thats what we thunkin types, like to call an "advertisment".


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                        The Dr, thanks for the links, the info and the desire to help us out.

                        You've encountered a bunch of justifiably cynical people though - and from the site this looks more like a guy who's gotten very lucky a couple of times, has found God in the experience and like every good evangelist is now determined to save everyone else he can and make a shit tonne of cash in the process.

                        There are some fairly dodgy claims in the text, there are some rules and guidelines quoted which are (or were, two years ago) the case in Queensland but absolutely not valid in WA.

                        That local knowledge together with the knowledge of how to work through the court process is best garnered by engaging the services of a traffic offences specialist lawyer, of which Perth boasts several. Or, in the main, by not speeding in the first place or at least accepting a fair cop when it finally catches up with you.

                        "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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                          Yes an advertisment but the principle is correct you might have to pay for there service but its better than losing your licence for a cop that wants to book you for something that you wern't doing or increasing your speed by a couple of kph just to impound your bike and getting convicted of being a hoon.......oh sorry I forgot there are no corrupt cops out there.


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                            i like the one that says most cameras are set up to take rear shots ... yeah right.

                            every been to WA??? most AREN'T!


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                              I can back most of this stuff up he is saying my uncle was a cop IN NSW not sure if same applies over there but most of the things he said here were correct.
                              you dont like it leave

                              UMAD BRAH??