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  • Finding a rental!

    New to this...
    Can you kind PSBians give me some advice on looking for a rental unit/house. Have been looking online at but all the real estate mobs have just messed me around I put in applications and they dont even call back at all, im really starting too go nuts because no one wants to rent me a house... looking for something that's close to a train station and is more than $250! Im just a good honest person Rent me a house PLEASE!!!


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    Re: Finding a rental!

    I got the first house I went for.. 19yo with no history. What u do is find a house u really really like and just offer $10 over the asking weekly rent or offer 2 months rent in advance.


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      Where did you look? pisses me off that hell dero cunts get houses and just destroy em and shit but I have nothing but trouble finding something...


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        Re: Finding a rental!

        Gosnells. I can't imagine fuckin up someonelses shit. Dw mate just do what I said, make sure ur nice & presentable at the open house. Then once u got a place and a landlord that says ur a good tenant then you shouldn't have any other trouble.


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          Just go to as many of the home opens as possible with pre-filled application forms and hand them to agent there and then. Speak to them, try and give them a good first impression and ask them about any other properties they are showing. I inspected well over 20 homes in a 2 month period (as a 20 YO male uni student with low income...) and in the end a flat was offered to me by one of the real estate agents I had spoken to during a previous visit.

          It sucks, but unless you have a rental record it isn't easy to get into the market.


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            Yeah thanks mate that's pretty much all im looking for is a flat/unit to share with a mate! ive only tried 4 places soo far I guess ill keep looking. Also Proffesional real estate are the most unproffesional mob around told me 3 times they would give me a call back and didnt then was finally told i was rejected and had no reason for it pretty sure they lost my forms...


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              Originally posted by Drenelin View Post
              Just go to as many of the home opens as possible with pre-filled application forms and hand them to agent there and then.
              This. I also carried with me the Letting fee as well.

              I also dressed up a bit.

              But at the moment there is a lot of competition and its only going to get worse.
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                My current place I've been in now for 2 years.
                It was the first place I looked at and there were about 30 people there to view this 2-bedroom unit. We were shown through ~4 at a time; this was my first taste of the rental market having been so ferocious and I didn't hold much hope.

                Well they offered the place to me first choice because "alot of elderly people live in the complex and as you said you're an Engineer you won't be having alot of loud parties, now will you?"

                A previous apartment I went for with a mate, I'm pretty sure they thought we were a gay couple, (not that we held hands or anything, just two clean-cut guys what can I say?)
                Nothing was ever actually mentioned, but I reckon that contributed to us getting the place.

                Both times I already had a long (good) rental history to back it up...
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                  What area are you looking to rent in mate?

                  I got 2 spare rooms @ my place in Maddington, plenty of secure bike parking and just me and a mate living there.

                  It's about a 15min walk to the Maddington traino.
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                    When I was looking I went to all the agents in the areas that I wanted to live.

                    I know where there is a 2brm unit coming up in a couple of weeks in Joondanna that is 2mins from the bus stop and 15mins walk from Glendalough station.


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                      ^^^ Yeah do what Veefore says. Dont wait for a listing, YOU approach the local agents and go in and see them, dressed smartly, presentable and tell them what your looking for, tell them your a student/professional/whatever, your quiet, not interested in parties or anything like that. Then just ask them to have a look around for you and call you if they have anything that might work.


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                        I've got a 2 x 1 villa on Hector St in osborne park for $300Pw that just went back up for rent (on Tuesday this week) Walking distance to Glendalough train Station. Its listed with Harcourts.