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    Not sure if many people know about Club Zho, so here goes.

    It is a monthly new/weird/alt/experimental music night, that is currently being held at the Ellington Jazz club. It is presented by Tura New Music and has been around a long time at various venues prior to settling at the Ellington earlier this year. It is on tonight and features the mighty John Wiese from USandA.

    It's hard to explain what the event might bring, as they tend to vary wildly from really entertaining, to weird and glitchy, but John Weise has been involved with some interesting artists so expecting it to be quite decent.

    Entry is $10 for Ellington members/online, and $15 on the door. Zho nights can get packed very quickly, or have only 10 people show up. I expect tonights to be fairly busy.

    Anyway, if you want to experience something new musically, come on down.