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  • NEW - Acrylic Photo Frames

    We've now started producing and offering high-quality acrylic photo frames. Not only do these look absolutely amazing and definitely something different from what everyone else has, they're also quite versatile. The photo is simply sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic, so when you're bored of that photo and want a change, simply undo the standoff mounts and pop a new photo in!

    You can also do story boards (multiple images in the one sheet) to create a different aspect. You also don't need to only use photo paper. To show off texture, you can have the image printed on canvas and install that. The example below is actually printed on Hahnamule PhotoRag Satin, an awesome FineArt paper which looks stunning IRL.

    We also offer the standoffs in different colours (white, black, silver, and stainless steel as shown below). We will also start offereing different backing acrylic sheets for more options, such as frosted, black, white or whatever colour you want (bright red, etc).

    If you don't want to see the frame, you can even take the photo right to the edge and fill the frame completely. There's so many things you can do. As we get some more examples we'll take photos and update this thread to give you an idea on what's possible to achieve. But as always, feel free to drop into our showroom or send us an email/phone call to ask any questions.

    Here's a sample we'll have hanging in our showroom next week, it's a 60x90cm (24x36") print on Hahnamule PhotoRag Satin FineArt paper, mounted in a 70x100cm acrylic frame, 4.5mm front/3mm rear clear sheets, with stainless steel standoffs. This particular example - which is the largest we can currently offer - with the Fine Art paper will cost only $360.00 inc GST. Smaller sizes will obviously cost less.

    It's a bit more than a stretched canvas, but when you consider you can reuse the frame indefinitely and it's something totally different, I think it's well worth the cost.

    (sorry about the photos, it's really hard to get good photos of reflective surfaces! )
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    So when is the business/gallery open to come and see it in person?
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      Now. Just not finished yet an no coffee machine yet either.