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ANOTHER rider down....

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  • ANOTHER rider down....

    I just heard (1:19pm) on the radio that a motorcyclist has been 'knocked' off hisher bike on West Coast Hwy in or near Nth Beach.... :cry:

    thats all the details they had... if anyone has any info pls post up....
    Now that the PSB community has grown so much since i first signed up, its getting to be more and more likely that 'we' will know those ppl that end up on the news in a bad way.....

    Hope all is ok and hope the car driver that was most likely involved get punished to the full extent of the law... if it was their fault..... :evil:

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    Anyone find out anymore??


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      I've heard nuthin else on radio or TV or whatever, so either that means its not thaaat serious.... or the news corps. are shit.....


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        News corps are shit.....say no more


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          nope didnt hear nothin ????
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            Heard nothing.. I know I flipped a CR80 doing standup wheelies in the park, both my shoulders and my knee are munted. I can still ride though so I'm happy!

            I wish I had it on video - we were nearly going to video this little posty-looking bike doing wheelies cause it looked funny but I fucked up before we had chance
            mmmmm sacrilicious


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              News corps are shit.....say no more

              yeah ..dont buy newscorp .. too expensive ... get into a nice resource stock .... nickel lookin ok too
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