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more ZX10R closeup photos

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  • more ZX10R closeup photos

    warning..there are lots of them...
    here's the link

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    Do we have power & weight figures yet?


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      Also the Australian-delivered bikes will look slightly different, as the USA bikes won't get the flush-mount indicators that we get.


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        here is a promo video for the zx10r

        i still like the scoopy better


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          yeah number 9, power is 162hp and the weight is 165kg


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            not taking into account the ram air assistance, of course


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              Ram-air is a bunch of shit and no manufacturer should even bother quoting it.


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                Ram-air is a bunch of shit and no manufacturer should even bother quoting it.
                just curious, why is that? i think ram-air in performance tuning is quite a valid thing?


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                  all that ram-air does is to pressurise the airbox to give a piss weak boost. Its just like quoting Dry weight. It means Fuckall. Just marketing hype.

                  It's main reason is to get sand into you airbox if you bin-it, just to piss you off. :twisted:



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                    zipdrive: I think the so-called "ram air" effect does give an advantage to a bike's performance, yes.


                    It's obviously a natural side-effect to airbox pressurisation, which will occur when a bike is travelling at high speed. Where I disagree, though, is that it's worth 8 or 10 or 20hp or whatever various manufacturers claim. IMHO, they shouldn't quote the figure at all; they should just say what the bike spits out on an engine dyno (the way every other vehicle in the world is tested), and be done with it. We all realise that the airboxes get pressurised when you're going fast, but to say that the Kawasaki's airbox produces 10hp more for the engine than the Honda's airbox is, to me, a complete lie.


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                      did kawasaki actually claim that hp figure?
                      I haven't actually seen any manufacturers put a hp figure next to their ram air system.. they normally say it pressurises the air box by 4-6% or something along those lines...

                      and somethin not really related to bikes but some FF touring cars have totally redesigned head which are flipped 180degrees so the intake faces the front. thus it can receive the maximum ram air effect from the aircollector in bumper, worth about 2-3psi of boost at straights.

                      i'm all for RAM_AIR and a sucker for "marketing hype"