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NEW Registration laws coming in 1st Nov :(

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  • NEW Registration laws coming in 1st Nov :(

    Hey peoples thought this might be of interest to you.

    As of 1st Nov Nation wide.

    Basically if a Motorbike is involved in an accident and 3 Key areas (out of 7 or 8) are affected with damage the bike WILL be a statutory WRITE OFF.

    Key Area examples are - Side, Front, Frame, Fork etc.. All details will be released on 1st Nov so look out. I'll update with a link to Road Transport WWW when I find details.

    In other words YOU will not be able to get it regsitered again anywhere in australia.... SO I see track bikes all round eh ? :/

    Also if you buy a bike that has been written off anywhere in Australia IT will not be possible to REgsiter it ANYWHERE in oz

    So yeah, make sure u get you're insurance!
    I just got this info from a Employee of Licensing Dept. But late but hey
    Will you insure me?!

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    awwww that is bullshit, why couldnt they have brought this in 2 months earlier, i just had to sell my bike as a wreck and take a cash settlement for the repair costs on my bike coz Swann wouldnt write it off. Fuckers!!! couldve gotten me an extra $2k under this new legislation
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      Thanks for the info.

      Just watch our insurance premiums go thru the roof now!

      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        if it is true which i kinda doubt then imagine more rite offs. which means we is gonna pay bigger insurance premiums. i sure you would be able to get a rite off repaired and recertified and re registred.


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          man are they tryin to take us off the road completly or what?!?!?!?!


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            FARK....if that came in two weeks earlier i would have a new R1 right now


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              Pete_026 - Unfortunately I can assure you it is. The finer details will be available 1st Nov. I work as an auctioneer and since we auction off quite a few vehicles we have to deal with License Dept. very often. Basically the guy we deal with let me know, I was quite shocked at the news to be honest I didn't even think about premiums, I just thought of poor buggers who get caught out with out and then find their "repairable" bike is no longer road registerable

              But yeah like I said I will post a link when I see it show up on the site.
              Will you insure me?!


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                Well that dude who took my R6 is going to have a hard time :?


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                  Okay this is the first of the "articles" I could find.
                  When the full disclosure is made avail i'll link to that too
                  Will you insure me?!


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                    ok cool is not as bad as it sounds. so it basicly ses that some ritten off veiculs will be able to be reregisted but will just have to go through stringent identity checks.


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                      thats not that bad
                      all u gatta do is prove that a bike is the bike u claim it is


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                        What are they playing at? Who makes up all this bullshit? Fukken govvy dept's.

                        It's not like a dented tank and a scratched fairing is gonna increase the death toll on our roads. Ghosting is gonna come back into fashion or we're gonna have a big 'spare parts' market.

                        I'm not surprised people hate the authorities.. just last week (thurs night) there's a bunch of people that meet at maccas leach hwy about 8.30.. like there's 4 cop cars and a bike, then more cop cars pull up, block off the car park and sticker everyone's cars for being in the area. If everyone's doing burnouts etc, ok, but for standing there? One copper, ok, but the person in charge of dispatchment must have something against people hanging out in car parks? There's just no logic in their actions.. too many govvy motherfuckers just wanna get ahead by fucking everyone else over.. [/rant] sorry!

                        Anyway, what was this thread about? Oh yeah, stupid authorities! Chill out a bit, or focus on the real crimes! It's a shame real crimes cost more to solve and have less benefit to the manager of the local cop shop.. they'd rather fuck people up for sitting in a car park so their department has higher ratings.

                        mmmmm sacrilicious


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                          bloody gouvernment always fuking with something to get more money outta us
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                            yeh shits me they dont put as much effort in catching and solving real crimes as the do in traffic. hmmmmmm like a copper told me the only gov department that makes money is the police. i guess as with private sector money rules.....


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                              Out of context...


                              You have taken the memo from the Ministers Office totally out of context.

                              You state Ghosting will come back into fashion...

                              Sorry to inform you but Ghosting has never gone away, it is a booming industry and that it why this legislation has been created.

                              As for road safety, the idea behind not allowing extensively damaged vehicles being re-registered does just that. It saves the unknowing potential purchaser buying a vehicle previously involved in a serious crash that may not have been repaired adequately to ensure vehicle safety and handling. Any future crashes to the vehicle could see the crumple zone compliance not providing adequate protection to the occupants.

                              As for scratches to fairing or dents to tank, well those bikes can still be registered.

                              The only losers in this legislation are the criminals currently running backyard crash repairs and ghosting activities.

                              Its about time some decent legislation was introduced.

                              On another note however...

                              Have you heard that the pollies are currently debating a bill that sees the multinovas turned around, so photos are taken from the rear.

                              Motorcycles will no longer be undetectable from cameras.

                              The onus will be on the owner of the vehicle to provide details of who was driving or receive the penalty themselves. Owner responsibility.

                              This solves the Governments debate on front number plates on bikes. No longer required.

                              Food for thought...