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Clarke named as Aussie Skipper

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  • Clarke named as Aussie Skipper

    I did a search, no reults, so if a repost please close.

    Yep was confirmed this morning :

    Tests/ODI :

    Capt : Clarke
    VC : Watson


    Capt White
    VC Watson

    I'm not the new Ricky: Clarke | Cricket | Fox Sports
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    It was always going to happen.

    Whether it was the right move or not, CA played their hand too early and declared that he would be captain from the time he first made the team. Ever since then they have invested all into making him captain when ponting left. I think that his cricket brain and tactical side is better than ponting, but as for leadership skills, i am yet to be convinced. Hopefully he will grow and develop into the role a bit.

    There really are very few choices other than clarke though. Hussey would be looking too short term, and with a bowling and batting load that Watson has, CA was very unlikely to seriously consider him as an option.

    With a new era being started here I think it is time for Paine to come in, and perhaps look to develop his captaincy skills. Not in the same way as Clarke was annointed before playing a game, but working to develop him for long erm could be worth something.

    Hoping that from here ponting will have some pressure lifted off and drop down to number 6 to try and reinvent himself a little like sachin did. If he is to stay in the team at all that is.


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      No other choice really. We'll see how he develops. He was very impressive during the ODIs against the Poms.

      Time will tell, I remember I had similar feelings when Mark Taylor was made Skipper, was I wrong! I even enjoy listening to his take on the games while he's commentating for Channel 9.

      I reckon that Ponting has been (and will hopefully continue to be) a great bat but I've never been convinced as to his Captaincy credentials.


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        Good luck Pup but I can't help thinking it's a poisoned chalice.


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          Fucked if I know why Clarke's been bothered putting sun-screen on when he goes out to bat lately. Aussie cricket needs a fresh captain but I'd rather ponting at 50 than Clarke at his prime.


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            Bit like Aussie politics really....a choice between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck....!!
            This is the beginning of the end unfortunately, bit too much celebrity status given to these guys, not about the sport anymore.


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              good luck pup


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                The comparison to aussie politics is very apt, no good choices anywhere you look.
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                  After going thru a stellar era, Aussie cricket has to rebuild. Reminds me of '84/85 when the
                  big guns retired & Kim Hughes took over & then quit cos of the pressure/scrutiny.

                  So is Clarke the next Kim Hughes or Alan Border. Only time will tell.
                  Goodluck to the young man, he's got big shoes to fill.


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                    Meh, Watto all the way

                    Make sure you do what it says


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                      Blazon is right, it is a rebuilding process. We've had a pretty good run. Remember the West Indies? lets hope we can turn it round in a couple of years rather than decades.
                      Call me an old frt (I am) but twenty twenty is just not cricket, it is ruining test match careers, too many meaningless games, too many players forgetting what a test match is all about. Oh the good old days zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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