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Road safety receives major funding boost

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  • Road safety receives major funding boost

    Road safety receives major funding boost | Perth Now

    100% of money from speeding and red light infringements will be going to the Road Trauma Trust Fund from July 2012... Apparently...

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    The scope of spending from the RTTF needs to be clarified. It could just be more money that is spent on more speed cameras.
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    Nobody was bagging scooters, they were bagging you.


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      I actually saw that accident in the photo, was pretty horrific. Stopped to lend assistance, the guy at fault was running red lights, hit the car pictured (who had right of way), and got out of his car and legged it. I unfortunately showed up a few minutes after the accident or I would have gone after the dude.

      This "donating more money to road safety initiatives" bollocks is just going to be another case of "more speed cameras" and "employ more people at the office of road safety, the most useless organisation to ever waste taxpayer & speed camera funds". You're kidding yourself if you think it's going to go into more traffic lights, more infrastructure upgrades and more cops on the beat.


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        For those of us who are old enough to remember, this is just the same as when speed cameras were introduced.
        All funds will be directed into road safety and road funding. Since then they have made how much ??, and road funding has gone down.
        Lying fuckers - this is their response to the gradual increasing community feeling against what they are doing.


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          Why are we so cynical?

          Spose we have heard all the hype before then the reality is often different.

          Maybe more wire rope barriers and cameras?


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            Is there such a beast as a Road Trauma Prevention Trust? Charter could be such things as driver training, television/radio adverts on road etiquette etc.

            Oh money in that. Sorry.
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