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Bike V Roo :(

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  • Bike V Roo :(

    Motorcyclist injured after collecting a kangaroo on Yanchep Rd last night @ 9pm

    Was just on the radio, so no other details .
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    hope they are OK and recovers quickly, sucks to hit they buggers.

    sS kept it upright when he hit one last night, complete with pillion, could have been very bad


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      fucking roos... my mate lost his father to an emu one night. terrible.


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        I've hit two so far, one all good other saw a near new 1098 going for a slide

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          Hope they are allright it sucks when you hit them
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            Hope the rider is ok
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              Hope the rider's Ok, My dad's had a few encounters on his cruiser. He spent the whole day cleaning the thing off, bits of fur and everything
              I heard someone hit a roo last night- I wasn't their. Everything was ok in the end Sandra?


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                In the West

                Motorcyclist crashes into kangaroo - The West Australian

                and another crash last night as well RIP rider, get well soon pillion.

                Man dead, woman hurt after bike crash - The West Australian
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                  Yeah was coming home along Toodyay Rd on Wed night ~6pm just about where the MC fatality was few weeks back, I went right into the overtaking lane and the van in front drove the left side of his vehicle over a dead (I assume) Roo in the LH lane :o Freaked me a little seeing the LH side of his van get airborne
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                  Originally posted by Phildo
                  Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
                  Originally posted by filbert
                  i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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