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Am I wrong in thinking this is not a good thing?

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  • Am I wrong in thinking this is not a good thing?

    I don't think its benefitial to have people thinking they know where booze buses are located and hence feeling they can drive drunk without a risk.

    Being in a motorcycle community where we all have a higher risk of being involved in an accident than others, I just wanted to know opinions.

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    Yep. You will notice in news flash we only report speed camera's and hand held radar/laser.
    Its exactly your sentiments which we also believe is poor form to post booze bus locations.
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      Yeah drink driving is shabby, but I've been yellow stickered twice at booze buses by bored police who've been dealing with asshats all night.

      Whenever anyone i know drives pissy, they always manage to circumnavigate them too.

      Don't really care.


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        What an absolute bunch of idiots.
        Originally posted by Red_is_Best
        hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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          I was very grateful when my sister told me about the booze bus heading out of the V8s last weekend... Not because I was pissy (race official = 0.00 BAC), but because of the terrible traffic jam it created.

          That said I think its poor form to publicly make available these locations as they are the one aspect of traffic policing I 100% agree with.


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            What an idiot. Speed cameras are one thing, but booze busses are there for a reason - to get drunk drivers off the road. This group is basically condoning drunk drivers!

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            Originally posted by RY RY
            What are you twats even arguing about? PSB is about meeting cute girls and gettin them pregnant, not fighting with each other.


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              I don't drink-drive so it matters not...I think everyone on the road is out to kill me all the time...there are enough dangers to deal with daily without adding more pissy-drivers to the list.

              In conclusion stupid group, stupid idea...stupid people?! No news there. Lol
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              Wooohoo !! Fucking 10/10 ride. Cheers for that Aari, you really conditioned my sphincter


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                And we're basically condoning speeding and hooning!
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                  Looks to have been set up by the same, or a close associate of, the people/person who set up Perth, WA snitch list. That is a nasty little Facebook page devoted to revenge, vigilantism and ousting informants. Call me crazy, but I can't help detect a slight whiff of organised crime origins.

                  On that basis, I think it has little to do with serving the community and more to do with undermining Police operations.
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                    Chris Bromley
                    "Dont drink and drive then ya fuckwits. Take drugs instead!"


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                      Meh, I've seen plent of guys that would have blown over that have perfect motor skills...

                      Ever had one or two, driven home feeling fine... Do you know for sure you wouldn't have blown over?

                      Not saying drink driving is ok... But like speeding, certian tolerances are ok...

                      I for one would rather a U.S style sobriety test... You know, walk down this line with one hand on your nose...
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                        I can't do that properly, and I haven't been drunk in years :mellow:


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                          The drink driving laws are bullshit, no different to the laws regarding speeding. Whoever thinks a drunk driver carefully making his or her way home is a bigger hazard to a bike than a sober driver not paying attention is living on another planet. And the chances of your encountering the latter are MUCH higher than the former.

                          I shake my head every time I see a booze bus location thread here get disappeared after ten camera locations get let stay on.

                          Even forgetting all of this, as the others have said: booze buses make a horrible mess of the traffic and are a great little place to catch a yellow sticker or some other dumb shit just because a mobile zoo full of cunts in blue are all around you with nothing useful to do.

                          :edit: Ohai, Foofy foofy / saf!
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                            I agree with starfish, back when I used to DD quite regularly, I was quite confident in saying I was a better driver when I was pissed as I was more attentive/paranoid, as opposed to being carefree/ignorant when sober.

                            People hating on this group are hypocrites.

                            Drink driving and speeding are no more dangerous that one another, if you pay attention to the road conditions.

                            Too bad they cant make a machine that tests for a persons ability to do that.


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                              Originally posted by Fastgirl View Post
                              What an absolute bunch of idiots.

                              great piece of name gathering for the Police though