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Easy way to post photos - Dropbox.

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  • Easy way to post photos - Dropbox.

    All, if you are one who posts a number of photos on PSB like myself you know it can be rather annoying either having to use the attachment utility or host your photos somewhere (picasa,photobucket etc..etc.)

    Just though I would share with you the easiest solution I have come up with which also gives you a number of other features that are handy for managing your data across multiple devices and operating systems... Best of all its FREE

    I won't go into great detail as to what Dropbox allows you to do as its covered pretty well on their website however it simply gives you 2Gb of online storage which you can use to store any files and have them sync across your PC('s)/mac/ipad/iphone etc.. for free.

    The feature we are taking advantage of is public sharing folder.

    Once you have installed the software (see link below) you should see a folder called "Public" under the Dropbox folder (by default under your home directory). you can place files directly in this folder or create a directory (photos or PSB ) and place files in there.

    These files are now allocated a public link, to obtain the public link just right click on the file and select copy public link, This will copy the full public URL of the file to you clipboard.

    In this case I copied the image R1.jpg into the psb folder I created under my public folder, this is what was copied to the clip board.

    Once you have this link, all you need to do is either click the "Insert Image" button in the new post editor and paste the link in or wrap the [IMG] tags around the link.

    Thats it.. the image will now be linked to the file in your dropbox in your post.

    To save yourself time when posting a number of images you can just copy and paste the link of the first image (with the URL tags around it) and change the name of the file, if you are using a number of sequentially numbered files then this can be a huge time saver.

    Get Started

    Just click here to create an account and download the software: Download Dropbox **

    Did I miss anything ?? Let me know below.

    If you guys want any more cool Dropbox tips or general help articles then don't hesitate to ask.

    **Yes this is a refferal link so I get more space when you create an account ^_^

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    Got it- had it for a while now and all my pics on PSB are drop boxed. The best part about it though is I have files, like my qualifications and tickets, in Dropbox. Wherever I am I can get those files straight to my iPhone.
    Invaluable when you work away.
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      Brilliant. What did we ever do before Dropbox...?
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        Been meaning to sign up to dropbox for a while now, you can have the referral bonus for reminding me


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          never investigated dropbox before. Love the synchronisation with win and mac


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            I'm using this as a test site........


            Great success!!!
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              Been using this for ages and I've only ever had two problems with the system. When linking a photo you have taken on your modern phone with 20 thousand megapixels, the image turns out huge on the forum. The other problem is that I keep running out of space, guess I should fork out for more!
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                God Nath....I love it when you talk all technical....
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                  Im having trouble! Nothing seems to work unless i resize every pic and upload. Photos are taken by my 8MP camera. i have them in webalbums/picassa and dropbox. Every other forum seems to do it just fine. What is the problem here?

                  I have about 12 pics i want to put up of my Harley which ive customized. HOW do i share?

                  Thanks for ANY help :_)

                  EDIT: TRIAL:

                  these are the pics i want top put up

         i want to put pics up to stop the hassle of clicking a link. I KNOW its easy but its much simpler for everyone to see them staright away :_)

                  When i righ click on pic from this link and 'copy link location' and copy/paste to Insert Image URL i get this popup "error: This is not a valid image file."
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                    this is just a test


                    Can someone please explain the way to get a GIF to stick. I really suck at the internet and cant make it happen.
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                      [MENTION=12356]wonky[/MENTION] I've been having problems using dropbox too.
                      It seems that dropbox does not have an image extension on the file name in the link it provides.
                      I have found that if you use and follow the instructions in the first post on this page it works ok as per below.

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                        pics yes, gifs no


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                          The thing I don't like about Photobucket the way you used it is that people can see other photos in your account. I prefer one-off anonymous downloads with


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                            We can all play that game, I need more space as well!!

                            I have exhausted my current friends and family!

                            Download Dropbox yourself and start playing


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                              Originally posted by Angryjock

                              Arrrggh!! Still can't bloody get pics posted 😡😡😡😡😡
                              your posting a link to the web page, not the actual image...

                              above the photo (or in the corner) is a little chain picture that takes you to a "share the photo" box (or it pops up). From there copy and paste the img url on the right. Paste it into your post, and remove the parts that state URL in square brackets

                              Quote this post and you will see the coding for the image insertion. This first one includes the url coding, which makes the picture a a link to the dropbox library that allows other people to visit and browse through the rest of your images (if your library is set to public).

                              You can delete the URL reference parts, and just insert the image to be viewed, as this second image has been done.

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