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    I'm sure everyone knows that the roads are wet today but I was just on the free way (10:45) and it is super wet whole 3-4 lanes like one big puddle almost just though I would let use all know, be careful guys and girls!

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    Hmmmm, must be something to do with the rain.

    Just kidding with ya!

    The water has run off now on the Kwinana Fwy (at least between Roe and Perth). You didn't say which Fwy you saw was flooded.

    Cars are banked up most of the way/moving slowly on Kwinana, even though there were no accidents.

    For once I wasn't splitting. Decided to play it safe. Even so, some tosspot in a big black car indicated just to the left of me and pulls over into my lane.... blind bastard. I tooted my horn (MUST get a decent sounding MANLY horn) and to give him credit he waved sorry. I saw others up ahead changing lanes suddenly without indicating.
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      Congratulations on discovering precipitation.


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        Tincey, I hope you weren't on the Fwy with your 125cc.
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          If anyone is coming up into the hills, be very careful.
          The wash outs are massive and their are very large areas of gravel accross the major roads.


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            Some of the roads around Kalamunda are pretty bad at the moment and I've also seen a couple of manhole covers that have lifted off.
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              ^^^ wow that would be a scary sight....


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                Originally posted by Desmo View Post
                Congratulations on discovering precipitation.
                This is Perth man... that shit doesn't happen here!!!

                It's muh amusing seeing Perth people get confused about that stuff falling from the sky...
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                  glad i got my riding outta the way yesterday
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