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  • ANOTHER CRASH 21st November- FATAL

    Just on the radio

    "fatal motorcycle crash involving a truck cnr orong road and Mcdowell road in welshpool"

    "Police and emergancy vechicles in atendance. South bound traffic at standstill........"



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    Today? Oh no!

    Damnit, better not be any of you lot
    mmmmm sacrilicious


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      :shock: :cry:
      Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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        wasnt me im still alive and kickin
        Is Dead


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          twas a a guy on a tlr


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            Roll call.

            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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              Not me. Luckily im still here.


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                nuh not me just herd about it from one of our truck drivers. fuck another one bites the dust.


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                  I was in the area caught in traffic, not a good way to start the arvo just hope it wasn't another one of us or nsx
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                    Reg 1BB 728 - Suzi TLR 1000 - not sure if R or S.

                    2 Guys, in the lead on a new orange Z1000, following him on a blue and white TLR1000 suzi, fanged past me on Orrong Rd, heading east, approaching McDonald St and then Roe Hwy. They took off from the McDonald St lights and quickly disappeared out of view. I was stuck behind an extremely slow crane type thing for a fair while, as I finally got past it I was approaching Felspar St and suddenly realised the TLR was down.

                    I pulled off onto Felspar and got to the rider ASAP, but I wasn't in any way anticipating seeing someone so completely devoid of life. I checked for pulse, breathing, corneal reflex - nada. His skin was kinda jaundiced as well. I started cardiac massage but stopped as soon as I realised his entire chest was like porridge.

                    I went and got a blanket from my car.

                    I then tried to get my extremely fucked up head together and called some folks to get the news out. I then realised the phone my benevolent benefactor had just equipped me with had an inbuilt camera and felt compelled to take pics seeing I could do so very discretely. I will probably never look at them or upload them, but I had to take them.

                    This guy was solidly built, dark hair, several tats, and wearing t-shirt and surf-trackies. However, in this case I don't think all the gear in the world could have saved him.

                    I think the bottom line is, if you do something wrong often enough, you will get fucked up - eventually. I think I'm gonna slow down even more.

                    Take care gang.

                    aka Stray
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                      shit shit... i was also stuck in that traffic in the way home from work today... saw the bike down..they had a sheet up so people couldnt see :cry: :cry:

                      wot exactly happened? did someone just pull out?

                      stay safe people! and remember... traffic can be careful in it... respect it... or avoid it... a time and a place for everything :cry:


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                        M, yes, more explanation.

                        A large trayed trucked pulled out from Felspar, witnesses said the Z100 narrowly missed the truck, the TLR slammed straight into one of the rear wheels. I suspect he caused himself massive injuries hitting the ledge of the trucks tray with his chest. All his ribs felt broken.
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                          News said they were draggin and that a truck pulled out in front of them and the TLR rider tried to dodge but didnt make it and the other dude just rode off I think. (dont quote me)


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                            That's about the size of it.
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                              My father works just off mcdonald st in welshpool...he was sitting at the mcdonald/welshpool traffic lights at 2pm when they flew past racing... he said they were friggen moving! and the Z1000 was on the rear wheel..while the TLR was slightly infront... silly boi's...peak hour traffic :cry:

                              R.I.P to the rider... GBWY