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Accident details and rego/ Warning its a blue TLR

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  • Accident details and rego/ Warning its a blue TLR

    I copied this from the WAR chat list, i sincerely hope its not a PE crew member
    Reg 1BB 728 - Fatal.

    2 Guys, in the lead on a new orange Z1000, following him on a blue and white TLR1000 suzi, fanged past me on Orrong Rd, heading east, approaching McDonald St and then Roe Hwy. They took off from the McDonald St lights and quickly disappeared out of view. I was stuck behind an extremely slow crane type thing for a fair while, as I finally got past it I was approaching Felspar St and suddenly realised the TLR was down.

    I pulled off onto Felspar and got to the rider ASAP, but I wasn't in any way anticipating seeing someone so completely devoid of life. I checked for pulse, breathing, corneal reflex - nada. His skin was kinda jaundiced as well. I started cardiac massage but stopped as soon as I realised his entire chest was like porridge.

    I went and got a blanket from my car.

    I then tried to get my extremely fucked up head together and called some folks to get the news out. I then realised the phone my benevolent benefactor had just equipped me with had an inbuilt camera and felt compelled to take pics seeing I could do so very discretely. I will probably never look at them or upload them, but I had to take them.

    This guy was solidly built, dark hair, several tats, and wearing t-shirt and surf-trackies. However, in this case I don't think all the gear in the world could have saved him.

    I think the bottom line is, if you do something wrong often enough, you will get fucked up - eventually. I think I'm gonna slow down even more.

    Take care gang.


    Docs a long time WAR member and if there was anything to be done he would have done it
    I'm sorry Doc saw it and I'm sorry for this guys family

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    Please guys, slow down over the holiday break, slow down full stop. This is just getting beyond a joke, we're losing to many. I couldn't handle losing more mates, especially while I'm over here in Sydney.

    Nathan, give the group my condolences to the list.

    RIP who ever you are.


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      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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          Oh, looks like I had already posted here.

          I just can't describe how fucked that all was. Losing Batesy fucked me up so much that when I was looking at this guy flat out on the road I was bouncing between being disturbingly detached and just thinking well he fucked himself didn't he, and reeling at the sight and crushing sadness of it all.

          But I would sure like to find out who the fuck was on the orange Z1000. Why didn't he stop? He must have seen the other guy go down, even if they didn't actually know each other.

          Watching the poor fucked up truck driver sitting on the kerb shuddering in shock was beyond brutal.
          Eschew obfuscation


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            Yeah .I posted it on DSoc ,I hope you didnt mind buddy, I wanted it out in case someone knew him , I'm so sorry it was you mate.


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              Campo's right, this IS getting out of control. RIP to the person involved and condolences to the family & friends......
              ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                  Be careful guys, its silly season. Not only are cars not used to so many bikes but remember all the new P-Platers etc. And dammit wear your gear!

                  How is the PE First Aid course coming along by the way? I just did my Senior First Aid with work, and althought it seems easy it will give you essentials should this tragedy ever occur on a ride you participate on.
                  Will you insure me?!


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                    :cry: You got it there, the poor truck diver...He probably looked out his window, and may of, or may not of saw the bikes coming, or just been so far back that he thought shill be right.
                    Driver starts pulling out, realizers that Oh fuck there on me already :shock: nothing he can do but get into his lane ASAP, mind you this all happens in 2 to 3 seconds.
                    Put your feet in his shoes, coming up to the end of the week, it's getting close to knock off and a Rossi Valentino plays tag with your truck :cry: You pull over, run to the back of the truck to see a mess, and one that will fuck you up for the rest of your life :!: What IF I did this :?: , What IF i did that :?: The end of the day it won't change a thing, 1 x dead bike rider 1 x fucked family (bike rider's) and 1 x fucked up truck driver for the rest of his driving career.

                    All I'm saying people WAY IT UP, It's not just you that if affected by the accident :idea:
                    Stay safe and upright. 8)


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                      Well said Calvin,
                      My mind has been all over the place this week with Gonzo's spill, Do I sell the bike ,do I keep riding ,do I encourage him to give up bikes ???? He had a very minor accident but it could have been much worse and I don't know if I could handle that.....

                      Please be safe,think before attempting anything crazy,If riding in a pack think for yourself don't be drawn by the asshole next to you doing crazy things,
                      1xdead or smashed up bike rider leaves a huge trail of sadness and regrets... :cry:

                      It seems that most of the recent bike accidents are purley related to speed ( I don't know all the facts so don't hang me ) Speed of the bike not whatever it hits and there is only one person controling this - THE DEAD OR FUCKED UP RIDER

                      It is a great buzz riding a bike, bit of speed , bit of knee down , accelaration or whatever but it's would be an awfull shame to have to go through the last slow jounrney to the cemetry or life in a wheelchair :cry:

                      PLEASE WISE UP PEOPLE

                      Can't handle anymore broken people :cry:

                      my 2 cents worth


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                        I'll see ya your 2c and raise you 2c.

                        As the boyz say. Time and place.

                        So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                          Gordo: if i was in your shoes i think id be doing exactly what u are doing. Riding with the boy and teaching him the general do's and donts of the riding game. U been around long enuff to know whats what and gonz is smart enuff to listen to what u got to say... hell the rest of us listen.

                          The rest of u. Be careful... 1 funeral this summer is enuff. no more please...

                          I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                            I don't know what to say...



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                              Honestly guys, I'm astounded about the amount that have gone down this year. Lets try and keep it upright in the up and coming holiday season please!