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Suzuki dumps the TL1000R - Honda continues the VTR SP-2

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  • Suzuki dumps the TL1000R - Honda continues the VTR SP-2

    Well after hearing the bad news on the TL1000R in another forum, looks like Suzuki will dump the model and make room for the SV1000R. A new SV will look good but many Suzuki fans will definatly miss this model.

    In other news direct from the mouth of the Honda Dealers at Action Cycles Parramatta, Honda will continue prodution of the SP-2 (RC51) for 2004 / 2005 due to the sudden pick up in sales.

    Could be an interesting couple of years for the V-Twin family in a market dominated by the new inline 4 1000cc series.

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      more sp's im investing in earplugs


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        more sp's im investing in earplugs
        Don't worry mate, I carry some with me all the time for you guys!!!


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          The TL1000R was supposed to be the all-singing, all-dancing conqueror of WorldSBK.. but erm, it wasn't. It was too heavy, the engine was good, the chassis sucked, and it looked "portly".

          I, for one, am not sad to see it go..


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            Pick Up in Sales...


            You would be right there. There has been a pick up in sales in the VTR SP2 but our belief is due to the fact Honda has runout of Blades until late December or early Jan due to their run out price.

            We have have sold a few in the last month.


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              Well in regards to the TLR, took there time, over sized peice of shit!!

              When my mate was working for Red Bull Yamaha back in 97 / 98, they came across a Suzuki Development tean in Europe, They had a TLR1000 with every go fast part man made, including suspension parts etc for handling! They were there with Suzuki test riders & mechanics for a week, trying different combination of parts and settings etc.
              After the week they put the bike back in a box, and declared it a slow pig!! and will not be used by Suzuki in World Superbikes, basiclly can not get the bike to go fast around the track, no money can help it and the week ended up being a waste of time.
              And as v - twins and more expensive to build etc, it does surprice me they put up with it for this long!!

              And as for the SP-2, still can not see it hanging around much longer. Expensive bike to manufacture, expensive to buy & has slow sales!! I would think it's dead in the water, more so when the new blade comes out.

              My 2 cents. :roll:


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                I hope for my sakes that they drop the price a tad. I want the SP-2 in about 18 months. Thats after we do the mods as we discussed some months ago Calvin...hehehehe man, I can't wait for that!


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                  the scrapping of the TLR has been on the cards for a while now.
                  I haven't seen one new in the shops for around 18 months.
                  As an ex tlr owner i'd say as a race bike they never cut it, but they weren't short of a bit of fun on the street and on the country runs.
                  The engine was sound and i never really had a problem with the rest of it on the street
                  of course it was a little heavier than your average inline 4 and you had to actually ride it but set up right it pretty much did all that was asked.
                  i think thats why suzuki went into the sv line of twins are a dying breed but for pure street cred you can't go past that v-twin sound. 8)