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  • road saftey alert

    Burke drive on the southern river run. They are installing traffic islands along there and some are yet to have the Keep Left signs installed so be carefull when travelling down there at night.

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    true dat :shock:
    was there wensdy night, nasty, no signs, no lights, no fuck all, dam road workers,
    take care first time through like we did............NOT, hitting the fuckers would be a very nasty way to find out their there


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      I live right down the bottom of stock road, and tend to go on burke drive whenever I ride pretty much anywhere except for freo. I work in port hedland so I only get to ride over the four days I get off per month and as such never saw any of the road work going on. anyway, those fucking islands are everywhere along the road now and are pretty hard to see with the lack of signage. its even worse for people who are used to the road having no islands as it takes a while to refamiliarise yourself to the changes...