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Update on Aza - 9 December 2003

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  • Update on Aza - 9 December 2003

    I have just been to see Aza at Royal Perth Hospital and spoke to him in detail about the accident and his injuries suffered so that with his consent I could relay this to you all so that everyone can be fully informed.

    The accident occurred on O'Brian road whilst on Saturday's country run. Aza was taking a corner (not exceedingly fast) and he saw what he believed at the time to be a couple of logs on the road (later to be identified as big lizards). Aza stood the bike up a little to avoid the obstacle, looked back into the corner but could not regain his line and ran off the road.

    His understanding of the accident was the initial impact being his bike’s tail end hitting a large tree. He recalls this as being a very hard hit as he recalls vividly the sound being very loud and horrendous. Aza then, no longer on his bike, crashed through several smaller trees near the bases which are quite thick and unforgiving finally coming to rest face down.

    With mobile phone coverage the boys proceeded to comfort him and call St Johns. Aza said that Calvin and the crew positioned themselves throughout the vital intersections of OBrian road to ensure the ambulance had clear directions to the scene. Aza said that Calvin and the ride crew acted with a level head and very responsibly. Well done fellas.

    The Medivac Helicopter was on standby after the initial call and on St Johns attendance to the scene, they called the Heli in and transported him directly to RPH. The Heli pad is in fact just outside the window of where he is currently located.

    Aza experienced no scratches or external wounds to his body other than his right wrist which is broken as a result of using his right arm to shield his body whilst crashing through the trees. His right arm still requires surgery and this is likely to happen tomorrow. They did not want to operate on this wrist until now as they feared that he may have had some organ damage (pancreas) which later proved to be OK and they wanted to be sure of that before another operation. He has some broken ribs likley to be as a result of crashing throught the bases of the smaller trees shrubs.

    Aza experienced no head injuries. Other than a small nick out of the vent, his helmet is in fact unmarked.

    The injuries that are most damaging are those injuries suffered to his spine. He has crushed three vertebra from his L1 up. The L1 is the first vertebrae located directly above the coccyx bone and is the lowest vertebra in the spine. He has been informed that that is likely to be as a result of the big impact of the bike hitting the large tree and proceeding to jar though his body. The doctors have advised him that it is unlikely that he will be able to walk again.

    Now I have never personally known anyone in this situation before. As I spoke with him I could not help be feel incredible empathy for the man and consider how lucky we all are to enjoy the freedom of movement we all take for granted on a daily basis.

    But I tell you this, one thing that struck me above all the feelings I was having when talking to Aza was his admirable positive attitude about the whole incident and health prognosis along with this incredible resolve not to take ‘Cant walk again’ as an answer from the doctors. From flat on his back in a hospital bed and on the best drugs money ‘cant’ buy, he and his family are already proceeding with working with the right people that can start work on his rehabilitation for a full recovery. And I tell you……… after spending time with the guy today … if anyone can do it, it will be him. I have no doubts whatsoever. I cant help but think how piss weak I would be in if I were presented with the incredible adversity that Aza finds himself in right now. He is a fighter, very positive, does not feel sorry for himself at all and is just going to do whatever has to be done, and will win.

    His biggest complaint at the moment is that he has not had food in three days and is unlikely to be able to have any until after the wrist operation tomorrow.

    Aza now has no problems receiving visitors unlike previously relayed. He is currently located in Ward 5G at Royal Perth Hospital. Visiting hours are 8 am to 12 noon and then 2pm to 8pm. The only restrictions are that they do not allow large numbers in the Ward. Three visitors at a time only so no big groups.

    I read Aza the recent forum posts and well wishes whilst I was there from all of you guys. He wanted to relay his sincere thanks for all of your support and all the positive thoughts that you’re all sending his way. He said that it is support like this that gives him the will to get through this with a full recovery.


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    :shock: WOW..........I'm totally speachless.

    Much, much respect for Aza. Great to hear he's being so posative. Can't wait to see him when I get back.

    Thanks Deej.


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      Thanks for the update Deej,

      We should be there to help him through this, As you said , I also think that I wouldn't have the reslove to get through certainly not this early but with Aza's strong will and help from family and friends I sincerly hope he makes a full recovery....

      Stay strong Aza we all wanna see you out and about


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        god damn the man is tough.... ill take on any man face on reguardless of size or race.. probably more throught pig headedness and stupidity than anything else. but im fucked if could be so positive in his situation.

        much rhestecpa aza... u da man.

        get well i know u can bro.

        I'm the noob you all pwn!


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          he is definately a strong man and I was in awe of his spirit as I loaded him into the medivac chopper.

          You guys have no idea. Keep the replies coming for him
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            8) Aza is a very strong person, even Saturday night only 5 or so hours after the accident he was very positive about his situation and could still manage a smile. I don't know how he does it but my hat comes off to ya.

            I know if I was in the same boat, I would not be as strong as Aza.

            Once again Aza, keep working hard, keep thinking positive and we all have our fingers crossed for you.
            And just to let you know mate, Gonz and myself were shit scared far from being calm, but more than happy to help a mate in need (infact anyone).

            Get well soon, good news must only be around the corner 8)


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              i am in total awe of how positive you are, aza.

              you've always told me to think positive, no matter how bad the situation is, and i totally respect you because not only do you give out great advice, you do so because you beleive it yourself.

              muchos respect bud!
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                We wish you a speedy recovery mate. I know a guy who had a similar spinal injury about 6 years ago, he plays basketball now with my cousin.

                Good luck mate, and I'm sure we all hope to see you back amongst us in the future.


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                  Compadre > You are one tough guy and I know you will be OK. As I said when I visited you ......whatever I can do for you I will to make this go smoother. You will never be on your own in this. Dream of riding again and it will happen!
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                    I have a good friend who riders a gsxf750, was told he would never walk again and would have to have a cathader (tube up your rude bits) to take a piss. He now walks with with a hardly noticable limp, and can piss as good as anyone.

                    This was the result of a glider accident, not the bike. On approach to the runway a gust of wind did some weird stuff to the glider and effectivly dropped him onto the ground from about 50ft (about 15-20m). He would a been fine apart from the undercarriage coming through the fuselage and going into his back (L1 etc, same as Aza).

                    He Laid in bed for atleast a week, totally immobilsed, being told that he will never walk EVER EVER EVER, that he would never have childern. Over a period of about a month he had regained feeling and movement in his legs, but had no bladder controll. Over the next month he was walking with calipers (forest gump style) and crutches. For about a year he could not suppot his weight on his ankles, But after a shirt load of physo he is walking with a very slight limp within 12mths of his crash.

                    He was told never to get on his bike again, coz any slight crash would aggrivate his back injury and may mean paraplegia. His stuffed ankle meent he couldnt change up gears with his left foot, but he converted his bike to left foot break, right foot gears, and rides to work every day.

                    Aza, Never give up hope. We are all with you.




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                      big it up AZA u the man Get well soon buddy we know you can do it......
                      your an insperation to us all.......
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                        Yup TRX is right I know that dude and if you didn't know he had an accident you wouldn't be able to guess. Doctors always make a point to tell you the worst possible news just to cover themselves.

                        So get well soon and walk out of that hospital telling em "I told you so!"


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                          My thoughts are with you Aza, I've seen many before you in similar situations ... some worse, but none of them take it on the chin as well as you have ... keep holding your head high
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                            Kez and I went and saw Aza today at 4pm but he was having an operation.


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                              Yeh we will try again tomorrow. Coming with us Jo?