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Stolen - Blue AGV Helmet (blue and black) and Dri-Rider gloves

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  • Stolen - Blue AGV Helmet (blue and black) and Dri-Rider gloves

    this stuff was stolen from my bike yesterday between 7.50am and 3.40pm from the mounts bay road carpark.
    the helmet that was stolen is this exact model:
    AGV Helmets: Graphics

    the gloves stolen are these:
    Dririder Aero Summer Sports Gloves Black - DriRider Motorcycle Gloves - Gloves - Street - Product Catalogue - Pit Stop Parts & Apparel

    they damaged the rear seat to get the helmet off the hook.

    i had to ride without a helmet to helmet house to get a cheap helmet.

    got a few looks from other riders and also got pulled over by some cops, explained what happened and they let me go.

    If you see anyone selling one of these helmets and gloves can you please drop me a PM as i would really like to forward their info to the police.

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    Sorry to hear, but not sure why you would leave your helmet and gloves on your bike in a parking area????

    You could have taken the bus Lucky you the cops let you go


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      The cops wont do do anything mate unless you get a written confession from the thief, video evidence and witnessed by 3 bearded Muslim elders.


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        That sucks. Especially because they damaged your bike.

        I leave my helmet, gloves and jacket just sitting on my CBR when I go out. No one has ever touched them. I don't know why, must be the all those Harley Davidsons around it, lol.

        Anyway, I hope you catch the d!ckhead, although do you think he probably stole it for himself? Second hand gear isn't worth much compared to what you paid for it new.

        Pretty average what's going on in Perth with theft atm. Mind you we have had a crime wave in Kal with 'visitors to town' breaking into people's houses and taking the vehicle keys and then the vehicle. There has been a whole lot of people making it easy with keys lying around and it's been going on for some time so we need to get a bit of word out on what the criminals tactics are. I think some of these folks are going to get a surprise when they try to claim on insurance. Some have failed to lock up the house properly and insurers don't cover you for that.