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Bike down Mitchell Freeway North

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  • Bike down Mitchell Freeway North

    The huge traffic jam on the Mitchell heading north.

    Unfortunately there is a black GSX 1000 down on its side with the front end crashed in.

    Went past around 4.30. Only the bike left on its side and two police cars and 3 police left on the round. Emergency response must have left along with any other parties involved.

    Sorry thats all I saw

    Hope you are ok rider.
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    sister just texted me asking if it was me (completely different bike but okay..).

    she never saw the rider. hope all is well and just a graze.


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      Why is it that when i hear black GSXR down that i think of [MENTION=32198]Sookie[/MENTION]

      Heal up quick and well rider


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        ha.... mine is actually stickered as a 600.... goodluck rider, i hope all is OK, not good judging by the fact ur bike is still there and they couldnt get you to sign the tow papers....
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          i was on scene. GSXR1000 is correct. Bike prob a write off. Rider not too bad, minor injuries. Not on PSB afaik but if he is ill let him tell his details.
          Ride Smart. Like everyone's out to get you.

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