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Stolen Aust. Safari Bike

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  • Stolen Aust. Safari Bike

    Got this from another forum, a friend raced in the Australian Safari.
    One of the friends he made during the event had his bike stolen from Ascot

    The Czech friend he made during the safari had his bike stolen in Perth around 10am. The XL650 PD replica he competed on.
    Dave posted a picture of it but that's gone. It's red white and blue with a red engine (from memeory) and has a large PD steel tank.
    It had Czech Republic plates on it.
    The bloke is understandably upset.

    Stolen - 1985 White and Blue Honda XL600M, pictured above. Taken from Ascot (WA) approximately 10am yesterday. Possibly still has number plates 7A4336, which are Czech Republic Plates. If you have any information please contact the Safari office (08) 9445 2645 asap.p

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    Wow, that's actually proper fucked.

    Will pass on to as many people as possible.


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      That's just crap!
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        Sent a PM to the Perth WA Crime Reports page with the details to help. Nosey bastards around Perth can keep an eye out.