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Main street accident

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  • Main street accident

    Just coming home from work giving some numpty in a 4x4 a lot of room as they were going waaaaaay too fast and having difficulty deciding which lane to go in.... heading south on main street towards rick gil's when the 4x4 slams on it's brakes, i e-stop with lots of time & space to spare and a red hyo (i think hyo, i exchanged nods with earlier) pulls up next to me. there is some old green car that has over shot it's turn and trying to turn anyway into busy on-Comming traffic. The Hyo dodges round it, so do i but as i'm pulling away i hear a loud smash.... something hit something else... traffic will probably be backed up there for a while.

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    To cut along story short avoid the Main St near Rick Gill's for a while.


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      Still bad? Confirming this is Cnr Main St and Scarborough Bch Rd out the front of the Servo and Citroen.
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        another rider down stock road and i think phoenix rd? approx 1840 today
        black and chrome harley? cruiser. Rider was alive and getting the good oil from Paramedics with a penthraine whistle.
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