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Red Bajaj (vespa) Scooter stolen from Hamersly

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  • Red Bajaj (vespa) Scooter stolen from Hamersly

    Hey guys and gals,
    a mate of mine had his Bajaj (Indian Vespa copy) stolen from Hamersly on Monday night.
    It is highly modified and pretty quick. Here is what he had to say about it

    So last night my Aftershock and daily rider scooter was stolen in Hamersley. It's the one in the pic below. It's missing a tail light and at least one indicator (found them at the local park). Looks like they were heading across Wanneroo Rd into Balga. If folk could keep an eye out I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

    sorry could not get the picture to work, here is the link

    Stolen Red Bajaj

    Anyone see a quick red scooter missing a tail light and indicator please let me know...


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    Which side of Hamersley?

    My key wouldn't turn this morning and my ignition looks like it has taken a screw driver.. but I'm not sure when that happened... certainly haven't noticed it before today.

    I am down near Reid Hwy.


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      Sorry about the late reply, but it was from my mates wifes parents place, so had to find out where that was.....
      Beach rd/Wanneroo road side of East Hamersley Primeery School.
      taken and then trashed in the park there, then taken out towards Wanneroo road, judging by the bits of bike along the way.....