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Oil on road Honeywell blvd roundabout

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  • Oil on road Honeywell blvd roundabout

    Trust me I just binned my shit

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      Unlucky mate...

      Looks like your gloves and the Oggy did its job.
      No other damage to the bike?

      That damage on your jeans (reflection from bike bodywork) from the spill?

      Actually - scratch that, might be your jeans in the top pic.
      Thought it was your elbow.


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        Ya quite impressed with oggys and gear.

        Jeans are old and torn.

        Worst part is probably going to be the wait time to get the bike fixed.


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          Go to a pharmacy and get some fixomull for the graze.
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          My waterbed broke this morning. Oh, I don't have a waterbed. Bugger.


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            Got off pretty lucky by the looks of it.

            Good to see, by the looks of it the bike repairs shouldn't be too bad either
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              glad its not worse bud, I rode past it in the morning when leaving for a long ride.

              any other damage to the bike? hopefully its minimal.


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                Bugger, I decided to use a different route today; got lucky and skipped that roundabout :|


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                  Cheers guys.

                  Damage is minimal - brake lever, Oggy knob and slip on.

                  Went past after dropping her off for repair - oil trail still hasn't been cleaned up.


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                    Yeah reckon that oil will be problematic for a fair while!
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                      Ouch. you can see the slide marks on your front tyre as well in that pic.

                      What time did you come off at? I also rode thru this roundabout friday morning about 8.15am, I ride down beach, into honeywell and right onto boyare. I took a couple of pictures on saturday morning as I didn't have a camera phone with me on friday.

                      At that time the roundabout was wet from the retic. Luckily for me I spotted the rainbow colour in the water so I ran straight thru instead of trying to turn and managed to avoided a drop. Even then the bike was slip sliding all over the place and I still ended up going off road over the kerb.