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Rider Down - Late Saturday Night - Madeley

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  • Rider Down - Late Saturday Night - Madeley

    Coming home from an all day bash, 11.10pm (taxi required) on Saturday night to find a twisted dirt bike in the middle of the roundabout on the intersection of Russell Rd and Regency Avenue Madeley. Rider being loaded into the back of a flashing ambulance after hitting the give way sign in the median strip (approaching from the west) and consequently running his ride (and naked head) directly into the tall, fat trunk of a tree situated on route in the middle of the roundabout. Few witness's and some of my concerned fellow neighbours out to assist upon hearing the bang then thud.

    1) Wishing you a speedy recovery man... damage to the sign, bike and tree all indicating that you are lucky to still be here with us... I hope.

    2) Your mates' from the party you attended were unfortunately caught by the Police and questioned after attempting to remove your bike from the scene.

    3) Dude... Pissed, riding without a helmet or any other safety gear for that matter.. really??? Although harsh it needs to be said.. that tree may have very well saved an innocent party from your reckless stupidity. In your late 30's to early 40's you should have known better. Hartman Rd is now a main artery linking Hepburn Ave through to Ocean Reef Rd and had you made it that far, who knows the damage you could of inflicted upon a innocent passerby!

    We all have made careless and [email protected]#king stupid decisions from time to time and I am just glad this one hopefully hasn't cost you your life. Like I said rider, wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping you pull through without permanent damage.


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    The Madley / Darch / Landsdale area seems to have quite a history of people (in both cars and on bikes) running smack bang into the middle of roundabouts. There has been at least fatality (car driver) a few years ago, and there is plenty of evidence of near misses in the way of damage to the features they put in the middle of the roundabouts. In every case I saw when living in that area, excessive speed and/or stupidity were a factor in the vehicle colliding with a large bit of concrete and often a tree.


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      That reminds me... I saw some knob riding a Dirtbike down West Swan Rd on Saturday nigh at 8pm... Not a road trail, a dirtbike with no lights at night on a well used, but not well lit road. Surprised I didn't hear a similar story from that.