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Rider Down - Mitchell Fwy.... again....

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  • Rider Down - Mitchell Fwy.... again....

    This has been posted by my favourite motorcycle haters group FB page:

    Perth WA Revenue Raisers Alert
    crash of mitchelle freeway?? Waze seems to think so

    To which someone replied:

    Its around karrinyup rd and cedric street....I was passing about 30mins ago and a motorcyclist was down...

    Is it still motorcycle awareness minute?

    Heal up fast rider.
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    Was a large black cruiser with high rise bars on it. Cops had marked out the road, so could be nasty .. though the bike looked fairly straight to me.


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      agree mark - was upright and looked fairly straight


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        With bars like that he may have blown off.


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          I passed him on my bike as he was lying on the ground, bystanders rolled his bike away. Looked to be in shock as he didn't blink once as I rode slowly by. Hope he's all ok.
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            Was a work mate of mine. Unsure of details as to what happened, but he has been discharged from hospital with breaking his collar bone in three places. He's back in for surgery tomorrow, but in good spirits says his wife.
            Ride safe all
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