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one of our own down

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  • one of our own down

    firstly minor injuries, that i know of. "Oblivion" parked it into a car last night but is ok... am going to see him this arvo. Can't give details in here yet, but the main thing is he is ok. in hospital but ok..
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    oh bugger, at least he is ok though as you say..

    Post more details asap, probably in certified users.


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      Thanks for info. Keep us informed.

      Hope your ok Blivy

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        Oblivion - get well soon dude and be nice to the nurses


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          Get back up soon dude.... Good to hear it aint fatal....
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            jeezus :shock: :shock: :shock:

            hope you get well soon oblivion....
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              Thanks for the info arwon.

              Obliv, get better soon man, if you're "OK" then things will mend in time.

              It's like Deej said before, the bigger we get as Perth Street Bikes the more likely we are to know someone who goes down.

              Remember, they are all out to KILL us, every single crazy cage driver.

              Ride like that and you'll be fine.


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                hope yer ok bren....

                details anyone? :cry:


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                  As everyone said get well soon and lots of rest, the more rest you get the quicker you will be back on yor bike


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                    As everyone said get well soon and lots of rest, the more rest you get the quicker you will be back on yor bike    
                    thanks everyone for your concerns

                    there's no way I'll be getting on THAT bike any time soon.. well not unless it gets fixed real quick. It needs a new footpeg, and brake fluid reservior amongst other things to make it ridable again.. won't be pretty tho.

                    Will post the details of the crash after everything has been settled with insurance etc. Basically rear ended a car with my chest, and got stabbed by something blunt along the way.

                    In the mean tmie here's some pics for your enjoyment..


                    cyaz round


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                      You said it will be sorted out by insurence, write off or repair? and hows the leg? going by the photo's sore as!!

                      Be safe 8)


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                        Dunno what'll happen with insurance, I'll start the ball rolling tomorrow and fill in a claim form.

                        Leg isn't too bad, haven't needed any pain killers since before lunch today. Just can't move it in certain directions, which is a pain in the ass. I can walk (shuffle style), but can't stand up using that leg cuz the muscle which controls the upward movement took a hammering. If I work it out it'll work for a while until I lie down again for a few hours, then it's back to square 1 again, not working.

                        The rest of me is just aching heaps.. definitely gotten worse since yesterday but that's to be expected I guess. I'm just glad I had some luck on my side, because it could have been a lot worse.


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                          that wound looks fucking sore

                          As you say you had luck on your side

                          I guess your not in hospital anymore,Hopefully the insurance will all work out ok.

                          See ya around,get well soon


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                            dude ...

                            glad to hear ur "ok" ....... take care
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                              Man it's good to know your ok. Thats one big gash bro, shit man you a lucky bugger!!

                              Get outta there soon ok!