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Anymore news on Aza guys??

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  • Anymore news on Aza guys??

    Just wondering if anyone's been catching up with him. I only got to see Aza once while I was home, anyone got any news?

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    dave and i went and saw him on thursday. no real news, but he seems to be doing well.
    i think we should hold off on buying him nandos until his nausea goes away


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      yuhuh... dragged spike to see him last tuesday, he starts sitting up and physio in about two weeks.... still a funny bastard, complaining he can't go to the gym.... :roll:
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        Gonzo and I went in to see him on Thursday,he was still as bright as ever despite still having some nausea and being fitted for his corset/back brace thingo.... Infact he almost fell out of bed laughing when we were telling him about our most recent clown He had also been over to RPH for an Endoscope (swallowing and camera)as the docs were investigating his nausea but I think it was all clear.There blamming it on the fact that he is flat on his back all the time.

        He is so looking forward to getting up and starting physio in about 10 days but the this will be a little compromised due to his wrist injury still healing,he can't do anything too strenuous due to the nerve graft still healing...

        He did seem to enjoy the reports on all that has been happening and I think Spike cheered him up with his complaining about a sore back whilst sitting in a spinal injury hospital :roll:

        So keep visiting him and supporting him he is fighting on

        Campo he has a phone number if you would like this PM or text me or Gonzo....