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Because I seem to need to spell it out...

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  • Because I seem to need to spell it out...

    Chuck steak is not ilbuono.

    I've done this amazing thing using 10 numbers and a long distance communication device that allows me to hear a voice at the other end, spoken to them, and worked out that there are two different people involved.

    For those that seem to comment that "this is what is killing PSB"... What's really killing PSB is all the long term members going on a witch hunt and thinking that they know all based on simple stories and topics posted.

    If anyone thinks that someone is illbuono, please report the post. Don't stalk and harass absolutely innocent members of this forum, and continue to drive them away, otherwise it will close down, and not because of them, but because of you!!!!

    Merry Christmas, and if your feeling really generous in the Christmas spirit please support the forum so it can afford to continue, and become a PSB Supporter
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