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Bike down (nangara?)

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  • Bike down (nangara?)

    I only just saw a quick flash this news report.

    Fatality sometime after a high speed chase with police. I think it was nangara and there was pictures of a construction site.

    anyone know anything about this?


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    was that about midnight wed night? if so i really hope it wasnt anyone from the forum going home after the wed night ride... role call people!


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      I'm up that way.
      I'm still here though.

      Bugger. Too many lately... keep us informed
      HONDA! F#@ YER!


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        I believe they found the bike and rider this morning.. So yeah wednesday night...

        I am not 100% sure on this. I am waiting for the late news.


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          i still kicking!!
          my old man reckons it was a red/white suzuki 750?? (they dont make one), but then again he knows nothing about bikes..............


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            if ya can....find out what bike... the news might tell ya...or at least show pics of the wreckage... :cry: :cry: :cry:


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              I'll record it on my pc and take screen shots


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                Me and Kev are aiight
                If you can... you MUST!


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                  You won't see any pic's, the bike was gone early this morning,
                  There was a police chase on wednesday night on Wanneroo rd which the cops stopped chase after a couple of minutes, the bike went up Gnangara rd which is a long straight about 2 kms, then has a left hand bend which the bike rider failed to take.
                  The owner of cape salvage went to work this morning to find a bike inbedded in his fence and a deceased rider in his yard.
                  I'd say the rider did'nt know the road to well,but either way it's unfortunate.


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                    Do you know the link between when the cop chase ended and when he went up gnangara road? Because I'm getting the feeling its been a u-turn from the cops to chase him, but they've let it go after hes nailed it.. then, the next morning, they've attended the scene and gone "hey, isnt this that guy??? damn what a co-incidence" But, when the media gets hold of shit like that, they love to put cop-chase and accident together in the same sentence. Notice no station is -specifically- saying they're related? as in, the cop chase has -ended- in a fatality..
                    You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
                    Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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                      whoops, forgot to add RIP. and respect to flipping off the cops.

                      You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
                      Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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                        The chase ended on Wanneroo rd the bike aparently kept going and hooked onto Gnangara rd where he came to his end.
                        Where on Wanneroo rd the chase ended I don't know.


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                          the bike type is still unknown guys?


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                            From the West this morning (page 13):

                            Dead bike rider in ditch for eight hours

                            A motorcyclist who eluded police during a high-speed chase was found dead in a ditch eight hours after crashing his 750cc machine after the pursuit ended early yesterday.

                            Hundreds of peak-hour motorists drove past the scene in GnangaraRoad, Landsdale, unaware the 30-year-old's body and the wrecked bike were there, and had been since soon after midnight.

                            Obscured by a small limestone retaining wall and several piles of sand outside Cape Salvage, the Heathridge man's body was discovered by an employee about 8am.

                            Charlie Wood, who lives 2km away in Madeley, said he heard a "horrendous noise" after being woken by the wail of police sirens on Wanneroo Road.

                            "For the motorbike to make that amount of noise he must have been flying," he said.

                            "I used to go to the drags and that's what I'd compare it with. It's lucky no one else was coming the other way."

                            Sen. Const. Adrian Callaghan, of major crash investigations, said the Suzuki left the road and became airborne for about 20m after the rider lost control on a left-hand bend on Gnangara Road.

                            The force of the crash sheared one of two uprights from a road-side sign and dragged its concrete footings from the ground.

                            "We will pursue the investigation into the crash and there will be an internal investigation as to what happened in regards to the pursuit and the policies that were adhered to at the time," Sen. Const. Callaghan said.

                            Before the motorcyclist eluded police he reached a speed of 130kmh on Wanneroo Road.
                            So we're missing a 30-year-old on a 750cc Suzuki.


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                              Roll call guys..... MAX??????
                              Originally posted by vk6hgr
                              My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.