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    Driving home in the big cage (Light Truck) to Joondalup, I turn onto Regents Park Road just behind the hospital, start taking a 90 degree turn left and there is a 600 03 Suzuki sliding under me front wheels, crunch. I stop...........obviously, and hear this guy screaming blue murder at me and swearing he gunna do this and that so I reaches under me truck and pull his bike out, lift the back wheel up of the ground and parks it on the curb for him, By now he has started to appologise for scratching my truck, about 6 weeks old. He limps over to his bike, not much damage due to way oversize knobs/stunt pegs maybe. I point at the hospital and the guy thinks I'm pointing at the scratches on me truck and hes back into sorry mode.

    Moral of story: Look at who your gunna mouth of to to make sure it is not a bikie in traing.

    No real damage to either vehicle so we part with a wave and no names swapped.
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    Arrgh it's never nice when anything like this happens, which it most frequently does..

    Either way, good to see he's ok.