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Bulbous has highsided........ Doh!

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  • Bulbous has highsided........ Doh!

    Well, the mix of oily roads and a sprinkle of rain equals one highsided TLR and one fuckin' painful broken collarbone. lucky i was only doing about 45kph, but still, fast enough to hurt. Coming around a sharp left near the freeway in leederville and both ends slid away to the right. i managed to hold her up for about 15 metres in a sort of powerslide style, and my knee did its fair share too. i just wish i was wearing more than shorts at the time then she gripped again and up and over i went. i landed on my head and right shoulder and the force just kinda seperated my collarbone in the middle. the bike slid for about 40metres more, sending sparks all over the place. still, the damage is pretty minimal for a biggish stack, but the pipes alone are a grand, so i think it might be time to put in a claim. not happy, but at least i walked away, and there is nothing like the feeling when you lift your bike up off the road thinking it is not too bad, and halfway up your whole shoulder seperates, causing the bike to drop a bit and nearly slice off my index finger between the tank and frame. i almost passed out, but i managed to hold in the tears till the x-ray room in St John of God.........

    two weeks with a sling, then another two taking it easy, and no weights training for another two after that. hopefully see ya down at scarbs on wednesday night still, just come the cage, thats all. worst bitr is, i will miss the motorplex show tomorrow night cause it hurts a bit too much to be moving a lot.

    anyway, still alive, bike's not too bad. post pics sometime soon.

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    shit sorry to hear mate...

    hope to see ya soon!!! drive to Cass' place so i can poke ur shoulder.

    man 2 weeks in a sling??? mine was 6-7 or some shit??? are u sure u shouldnt keep it in longer????? :shock:
    hehe the wikkid hospital pain killers are awesome ayyyy?


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      PS TURN YER PHONE ON YA TOOL!!!!! im tryin to call!


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        didn't get any real painkillers, bloody panadiene forte. does fark all. the doc said two weeks or less in the sling, cause it is a real clean break, and not far out of alignment. i just wanna cry......


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          ahha no luck ey!!
          they gave me awesome pain killers, but only to last 1 day or soemthing..... then its onto the forte

          u got the Xrays to post up??? we can compare... although im lost for an explanation - u have a bigger crash, but get outta the sling sooner.... u bastard hehehe

          ah well.. enjoy the typing!


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            sorry to hear dude, get well soon

            same goes for the bike


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              thanks dude! will see what western QBE think about it in the morning.....


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                sry to hear mate

                gonzo's musta been rubbing off on ya

                hope to cya out soon

                Nick :twisted:


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                  bugga! :shock: sorry to hear bulbous.

                  have trying WQBE tommorow..............

                  .......good friday and all...........



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                    Hope ya feeling better soon.


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                      Sorry to hear dude.

                      I broke mine on Xmas day! But if you think it hurts today, wait until you try and sit up from bed tomorrow morning. :shock:

                      Are you sure you want to claim? I mean once you count the loss of no claim bonus, the gap payment and the increased cost of insurance next year the amount of money to fix the cans may not be that much.

                      Blame the roads and get compo fron the guvmitt
                      You put the c*nt in country run


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                        yellow komatsu down , yellow komatsu down.........

                        Sorry to here dude, hope your not in too much pain.

                        I saw you riding off tonight at about 4:30 ish,I guess it happened not long after......

                        Glad your still alive and the komatsu isn't too bad....


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                          Damn man Hope you get some quick healing action.


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                            Spewin Man!!!!! The poor old girl looks a little 2nd hand now I bet. I know what it looks like when u bang your exhausts up on those bikes!!

                            Glad to hear all ya got was a broken collar bone and no dinged up legs or arms or anything. Definately take it easy bro so we can see ya again soon. Good luck with it all 8)
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                              :shock: :shock: Damn, glad you in more or less one piece. Things are starting to get a little interesting out there. Congrats on holding here up, now where is a video camera when you need one.

                              Take it easy, heal quickly and milk the poor injured soul thing for all its worth!! :twisted: