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Caution Oil on Reid Hwy Westbound

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  • Caution Oil on Reid Hwy Westbound

    As you head west along reid hwy, go through marmiom ave lights the road becomes north beach road. As you approach the first round-a-bout you'll notice the beginning of a nice think oil slick in the centre of the road, which continues to the next roundabout ~150meters up the road, does a u-e at the roundabout and continues in the opposite direction until it stops. Obviously a car/truck has rumptured a hose etc etc (could well be powersteering fluid) and lost its lubricant

    Anyways last sunday i had my gf on the back, i noticed the oil as i approached the roundabout (obviously took a little caution), as i exited the roundabout i opened the throttle a tad whilst in 2nd gear and be4 i could say 'shit' the bike became VERY crossed up (back wheel was obviously in contact with the oil). With a pillion on the arse end it was basically impossible to recover and down the arse end went along with me still holding onto my bike trying to slow it down as we slid down the road

    No injuries to either of us, just minor grazes on both our left legs (good ol gear)....wish i had bought some draggins a whilst back but didnt cause they felt to uncomfy. Poor bike came of 2nd best though

    Basically gathered a nice crowd (my mrs was in a bit of shock) and too many do gooders calling cops ra ra ra. The police that arrived were champs anyway (one has a blade he just high sided), & they notified main roads of the hazard.

    Nothing will obviously be done to clean up hte spill so be CAREFUL out there boys

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    Good to hear you and the GF are ok.


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      Sorry to hear of your spill mate.

      Thanks for the heads up about the hazard!
      If you can... you MUST!


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        fuck Mike.... glad to hear yer ok man... stay safe...

        how much damage the ZX7 sustain? :cry:


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          good to hear your both OK, Would it be worth pursuing main roads for some dosh ????


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            There weren't any Triumph's in front of you were there?
            You put the c*nt in country run


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              hahah no trumpets

              Gordo: police reckon to keep a record of medical bills etc etc, but my uncles a GP so there are none + injuries were very minor. Dont really have the time to pursue + i reckon its a waste of time, otherwise every1 would be throwing some oil on the road and pullin of some dodgy shit haha

              Mark: damage aint 'too bad'. My left clip on is slightly bent (looks like i can just replace the tube because it bolts onto the clamp), busted left mirror, left rear set snapped off, LHS rear axel nut took some grinding, slight road rash to my LHS fairing/ LHS front mirror & rear fairing. Thats the lot, though wish i had fitted some crash knobs when i was going too but was too lazy 2 cut the fairing

              Mike reckons the road rash is easily fixed so he's going to spray it + being one colour makes it easy.

              I remember as i picked hte bike up of the road i dredded to look at my front fairing as i feared for my poor 'nostril' intakes cause they stick so bluddy far.....but no shit not even touched


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                Stinker, it's good to hear that all is a okay. well don't worry about the frame sliders/oggie knobs. even if you did have em on they most probably wouldn't of helped.
                I had oggies on mine and i came off pretty much like you did except i was going around a left hand bend and the back wheel spun out. Unfortunately my bike was a financial write off.
                Hope you get back on the road soon. Ride safe. Thanks for the warning guys.


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                  saw the oil sat nite on the way to northbridge. even in the XF still was very cautious. and before i get flamed i didn't post it cos i haven't been online!
                  Originally posted by vk6hgr
                  My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                    ouch dude, sorry to hear.

                    see ya out there