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Welcome to winter.

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  • Welcome to winter.

    Here come the days of thermal clothing and hours studying the rain radar wondering if its safe to duck out for a thrash. Did i mention the nice dense freezing cold air going into your bike engine?? MMM MORE HP! :twisted:

    I myself prefer winter... You can wear full on protection and never get hot! However the hot chicks walking around the clubs/bars seem to rugg up aswell I WANNA C BOOTY

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    I kind of like riding in winter. When it's dry.
    Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still

    Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still

    Whoever is filthy... let him be filthy still


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      i also like riding in winter....but definately as long as its still sunny and no sign of rain!


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        Don't mind which season, as long as it aint too hot, freezing, wet or cyclonic winds... So if it good weather, tis OK... But colder tis little better...


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          Winter riding is great to gain experience and learn how to control your wheels under shitty conditions but give me summer anyday, you don't see all the girlies wandering around Cott beach / Scarbs or freo in bikinis and little G-bangers in winter!


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            I do like the cold stuff, but u cant beat the days in Summer Leathers (T-Shirt) and doing a drive past the Cot on the Bikini Watch.


            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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              I've been using my bike as transport for around 8 years now, with the right gear it doesn't matter too much if it's raining etc...

              Things I dislike about winter riding though, is the strong winds (always a cross wind??!!) and idiot drivers who can't drive on a sunny day sliding and tailgating around me when it's wet...B-(

              Must admit, the view is not as good during winter either...B-)

              Don't know how many rear bumpers I got really close to last summer - me watching the view, not the road...
              Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                What about the other two seasons?

                I think they would be seasons of choice.

                Their like an intermediate .. 'mostly' getting the best of both winter and summer


                I vote spring 8)
                Nick :twisted:


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                  winter or summer. i like them both as long as im not getting drowned. my bike is my main transport so you get used to it all.


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                    Yes i like winter coolness for riding as long as there are no rain clouds arround.. but and a big but it is ... Where have all the ta ta's gone ????

                    I do miss a perv, but your chances of running into a cars boot are lower with booty covered up !!


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                      The ta ta's are all nice and wram at my place Gordo..
                      So dont need to worry about them 8)

                      Ill let them out next spring for ya's, if im nice
                      Nick :twisted:


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                        Nick, I don't wanna see your ta ta's there boy ta ta's eeeewwwwchhhh...

                        mmmmmmm girlie ta ta's mmmmmmmm


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                          Any weather as long as:
                          A) Its not raining.
                          The wind is not 2 strong.
                          C) Somewhere between 18-32 degrees will do.

                          I hate the really hot days when you sweat your balls off inside the helmet and seem to get stuck at every red light. You have to ride with your legs in the air or on the ends of the pegs to stop your legs getting too hot. Somehow your brain tells you its time for a ride on days like this anyway :?

                          Riding in the rain without any wet weather gear is no fun either.


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                            I hate the really hot days when you sweat your balls off inside the helmet  
                            Might I suggest keeping them between your legs where there supposed to be,Unless you've had a nasty handlebar accident !!!