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the west's clyde russell on speed cameras

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  • the west's clyde russell on speed cameras

    interesting. lol. maybe e should pitt this guy up against ben martin. lol
    i had a read of this in last saturdays paper. thought it might interest a few people.
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    Good article!

    Well found Sathid
    Problem is that the pollies won't give a shit about this because it wasn't on Today Tonight
    Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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      The second last paragraph is the important one, to busy watching your speed instead of the road because of the multinova's at work, they should be putting a speed warning alarm on all new cars, hired a commodore years ago which had one and could be set at any speed, saves you looking down all the time.


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        While anyone can get a licence and or drive, you will never eliminate road casuallties (death and injuries)... Some of the safest activities are often potentially the most dangerous (flying, skydiving, absailing etc) - ppl know they are dangerous and treat them as such. It's all a perception of risk, and when you don't have a second chance (or it's really gonna hurt), you make sure that everything is safe to use and you know how to use it.
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          Visible policing, better roads, safer cars, better trained drivers and fair application of the laws all work more effectively at improving road safety than speed cameras. But these cost money and take hard effort, something speed cameras don't.
          That pretty much sums up the road "safety" councils attitude i think.

          Oh and flakey u should add "doing wheelies" to that list of safest activites that are potentially the most dangerous. :twisted:

          I'm the noob you all pwn!


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            anyone notice the sunday times had an article about a possible special license for 4WD's.
            one of the comments in there was something like "motorcyclists require a special license for thier type of vehicle, and by the same token, 4WD owners should be required to learn the skills required and have a special license too"

            supported by the 4WD association of WA. the guy from there basically said he hates seeing people who cant drive them, using them as shopping trolleys and schoolkid transport


            IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!! :twisted:
            No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.