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    :shock: Thought I'd seen just about every kind of fool on a motorbike .....but this is the winner by miles.

    Down at Scabs this afternoon while sipping capuccinos with the buds after an awesome ride in the country - we can't help but notice a dude on a ZX12 lighting up the rear tyre near our parked bikes. Cloud of acrid tyre smoke billows towards the cafes.

    Dude boy then comes out onto the road and gives it a fistful. He heads North attempting a running burnout to really impress us punters. Goes to about 11 o'clock (not intended) then realises he has to put the wheel down for the roundabout. Going a tad fast he then applies a generous amount of front brake way too late and tucks the front under.

    Sickening sounds of a large tourer sliding along the bitumen into the roundabout. Bike is totally fucked lying in pool of oil.

    Dude was motionless on the ground. Initially we thought he was too embarrassed to get up. But he got a solid knock to the helmet. Luckly Wrex the Ambo driver was with us. Dude was in shock big time and we had a bit of work to get him back ...scary.

    Cops came and we exited as we saw nuthin ...but plenty of people did and this guy will be the example the media have been looking for to bore it up us gentle country boys. Not a PSB member thank fuck.

    Back to Wheelie School for you tool - after you get your license back that is
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    What a tool. You reap what you sow I guess.

    And if he had been a forum member I'd be smelling shoes
    HONDA! F#@ YER!


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      God damn!!

      I always miss out on the action.

      There is a time and a place for everything.......he would have been much better off on the freeway, 3mtrs in front of a cop bike.

      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        were you lot at the BP in Currambine today around 9:40AM??

        I know CBR1K Rob was.. saw alot of bikes on my way past...

        was on my way to work..... in the car ... so couldnt stop

        couldnt stop:
        A> Coz i was on way to work...
        B> For embarrassment of the car...


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          .......and I was standing behind him when he decided to light the back tyre up......wanker.
          ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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            what a tool. made real mess of that bike. went past tonight there is paint markers from the coppers all over the road and island. looks like they gonna throw the book at him.

            oh and it dont look like they cleaned up the oil so anyone entering or leaving scarb. use the south exit.


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              And the shoes nominee is....

              Watch out for oil on this corner. The Firey's did clean it up, but I'm not sure how well.

              You put the c*nt in country run


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                wonders if it was stoney on his zx12 looks very similar
                Is Dead


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                  wonders if it was stoney on his zx12 looks very similar
                  Nope, was (without being racist) a ethnic fella, on of the mates of the guys at peters.

                  Fucking tool... I have no sympathy for him, i feel sorry for the bike because it deserves a better rider (even if it is a kwaka :twisted: ) But this fuckhead obviously had his bike as a fashion accessory and forgot the part about learning to ride it before showing off on it. It's pretty straight forward, if you grab a handful of throttle in first gear (in just about) any litre bike it is going to head skyward especially if that bike is of the newer variety....This is fine... and can be kinda fun, but not something you want to do in such a confined space when you have to slow down for a roundabout.

                  Best case scenario, this tool did not do his time on a 2fiddy and or doesn't have his big bike lic and therefore is not one of the reasons my insurance premiums are so fucking high and ever increasing..

                  After all that, its never nice to see someone come off and hopefully he has not hurt himself too bad and has the opportunity to learn from his stupidity with no reminder for the rest of his life.


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                    His name was Goran or something close. When I went to inspect his helmet to assess damage and the impact involved a mate of his said not to worry about the huge graze on the left-hand side (wore down through the gel coat) that mark was from a previous off. :roll:

                    I showed the coppers the burnout marks and where he came down, they marked it up there and then and took digital photos. One of the coppers I knew after talking to him outside Causeway Honda because he is a top bloke and wants a Blackbird He asked me if he could take my details for a statement and as he was 2 other bystanders offered themselves as witnesses so I said use them not me. If he questions the charges the witnesses will have to testify. Blow that I got better things to do.

                    Injuries were 3 flat spots on his left knee will the Patella (kneecap) showing itself. No other obvious injuries. He lost consciousness for about 5 seconds but that was because his balls had just dropped causing a lack of blood flow to the brain. Damage to the ego unrepairable.

                    Have we got a spare set of CLOWN SHOES


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                      What a knob... thats all that can be said!!! Glad to hear he ain't "too" badly hurt but for frigs sake we get a hard enough time as it is!


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                        there wouldn't by any chance be some security footage of it kicking arround :?: :?: :twisted:


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                          $20k bike
                          $500 helmet
                          Crashing your bike at Scarbs while trying to show off priceless

                          yes that is engine oil covering his whole bike

                          There is a time and place for everything pal :evil: and thanks for putting oil all over the round-a-bout :evil: :evil:
                          1, Always look good
                          2, Always know what you&#39;re doing
                          3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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                            :shock: :oops: What a tosser, not more needs to be said :!: I guess insurence is out of the question :idea: ouch


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                              Anyone that does wheelies are HOOLIGANS and are going to DIE at the scene.
                              If you can... you MUST!