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749s VS Bunky Falcon

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  • 749s VS Bunky Falcon

    Saw a 749s, brand new 74kms odo, get run over at a give way sign (literally) by Falcon on Sunday... Rider alrigiht, bike fucked... If it's anyone in the forum, let us know how you went with the insurance...

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    Oh, the humanity! :shock:

    Glad they're ok.


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      Damn that wouldn't have been nice. :shock:


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        That was me that got cleaned up. The guy that hit me doesn't have insurance, so I'm going to go see a lawyer on Monday to see what options I have.


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          wasn't me!!!! 8)

          good luck chezy, gotta watch out for those bloody ford drivers :roll:
          Originally posted by vk6hgr
          My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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            Ouch, that's nasty. Good luck.

            If you have comprehensive insurance shouldn't you just be able to give them the details of the person and car that took you out and have them chase it up for you?


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              Good to hear mate, good luck with it. No injuries I hope.


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                Oh and P.S, if you need a witness let me know. Saw the whole thing (In case you haven't guessed, I'm the dude on the black ZX6 that turned around)


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                  Cheers Goofy, and thanks for stopping mate. It's great to see guys looking out for fellow riders 8)

                  I'll let you know if I need a witness, but I should be right. Things have been sorted with the insurance company and am just waiting for some parts to arrive and all will be sweet.

                  No injuries, my foot was a bit brusied up for a couple of days, but I think my boots did their job.