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The streets are no longer safe!

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  • The streets are no longer safe!

    I'd like to inform the members of PSB that at 8:30am this morning, Bunyack pass his R Class test. And is now legally permitted on the streets of Australia.

    I was concerned that my R1 would have sucked at O-turns (which it does) So I did a lesson with Tai at elite motorcycles and then a half-hour lesson before my test this morning. This allowed me to familiarise myself with the Suzuki GS 500. Went for the test, the instructor geeted Tai and then we were off. The instructor told me to get out on the road and ride until he told me to stop.....

    well..... the funny thing is.... we didnt stop, he indicated 2 left turns, and after 15 minutes of riding, we were back at the dpi. No O TURNS, NO BRAKE TEST....... ZOMG!!!!! Passed with flying colours.

    im assuming the instructor quickly asked Tai (from elite) whether I was good enough to pass..... and because I didnt wobble around the first couple corners, he was happy with mt control of the bike *shrug*

    well........ thats the sotry ppls. I spent $150 for piece of mind that I could control the bike in slow-speed handling and got some helpful tips fomr Tai at Elite. I thoroughly recomend Elite for any learners out there that want to beef up their skills (or need a small, nimble bike for the lesson)
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    Congrats mate.
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      It's good for you, but says woeful fucking things about standards.

      But you got a lazy one, congrats!
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        Very nice, hi five
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          the instructor geeted Tai[/b]
          well, that's why you passed so easily, they've probably been geeting each other for years.
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            congrats dude!

            ill make sure i stay off the road now
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              not taking away from the fact you passed such a test

              BUT I have to agree with Barfridge on this and it makes one wonder but then again when you see how people drive on the road it makes perfect sense

              oh and seeing as certain people at the DPI read the forum will be interesting to see what might the fallout be now for publicly stating the woefull inadequacies of the examiners .


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                God Help Us All

                Congratulations, but with a test like what you described no wonder you passed.

                What did u do blow kissy faces at him?

                again congrats on the big bike liscence
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                  Mate thats wicked...Nice one


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                    Odd that mine appeared in the paper the same day you pass your test, dont you think?


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                      Nice 1


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                        congrats cracka.


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                          Congrats mate

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                          I think we know the real reason you didn't use your R1, with those sort of "mods" that would be wrong and highly illegal....


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                            Onya mate

                            Remember... wheelies are bayd mmkay.....

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                              Congrats Bunyack, At least you don't need to be shadowed by your mom anymore.