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  • Wheatbelt Motorplex Update

    The Proposed Wheatbelt Motorplex

    The idea behind developing a Motorplex at Dowerin was based on the need to provide a year-round income to support the office running costs of the iconic annual Dowerin GWN Machinery Field Days. Consequent feasibility studies established a proven urgent need for a regional Motorplex in Western Australia.

    Dowerin’s relative geographical closeness to Perth (165kms) was seen as an advantage, as also was the availability of accommodation and other facilities, in the near-by surrounding towns of Northam, Toodyay, Goomalling, Wongan Hills and Wyalkatchem.

    Following a visit to the Collie Motorplex, Greg Ross (CEO of Dowerin Events Management) and Dale Metcalf (Deputy President of the Shire of Dowerin), flew to Queensland for extensive discussions with Bill Campbell at Morgan Park and the Warwick Shire. Morgan Park is highly regarded as one of the best club motorsport complexes in Australia and has some interesting parallels with Dowerin, in terms of its geographic location (165kms south west of Brisbane). They also visited the Ipswich Motor sport complex and then spent time with the Pine Creek Shire at the soon to be re-opened Lakeside.

    On their return to Dowerin, the conclusions of the fact-finding mission were submitted to the Shire council (18th September) by Dale Metcalf, resulting in unanimous support by the Shire of Dowerin Council for the establishment of the motorplex.

    A consequent well-attended public meeting at the DowerinTown Hall (2nd October) saw community-owned Dowerin Events Management Inc (operators of the Dowerin GWN Machinery Field Days), given enthusiastic permission (one dissenting vote) to go ahead with establishing the proposed motorsport complex. The dissenting voter has now written a letter of support for the project.

    Although the original plan was to utilise the existing field days grounds, concerns about possible future noise issues, led to consideration of a different site, situated five kilometres east of Dowerin, on the Wyalkatchem Road. This area is known as Amery Acres and is situated next to a Class A Reserve, on land now utilised for crops, plus an area for Men of the Trees. It is intended that the motorplex will be carbon-neutral and actively encourage and support the work of Men of the Trees. The name “The Wheatbelt Motorplex” has been registered with the WA Dept of Consumer & Employment protection.

    A committee of Dowerin Events Management board members is now working on the business plan and the pre-requisite funding bodies are assisting with the funding applications. The proposed motorplex will have two primary functions:

    Driver and Road Safety Training and Club Level Motorsport

    The motorplex will feature a main circuit of three kilometres, with two smaller internal circuits, (including a go-kart circuit), plus a dedicated 4WD track, suitable for competition and with the move to a site well out town, it’s now possible to include the much requested drag strip All sealed circuits will be twelve metres wide.

    The intention is to build the track to CAMS standards and current V8 Supercar requirements, however the motorplex will specifically cater to the needs of club-level car and motorcycle enthusiasts, 4WD enthusiasts and drag car enthusiasts. Representatives of these groups are now being invited to participate in the design of the relevant courses.

    It is acknowledged that there is great deal of hard work ahead of the board in terms of design, due diligence, approvals and funding, however an initial goal has been set, of having the main circuit completed by November 2008. While the intention is to have all circuits completed at the same time, it’s conceivable that the drag strip and 4WD track may become different stages of the development, realistically, it is a little early to make a definite call on construction procedures. The project will be managed by Greg Ross, CEO, Dowerin Events Management Inc.

    It is hoped to have a dedicated Wheatbelt Motorplex website established during December and January and a promotional tour of the eastern states to publicise the track is planned for February 2008. In the meantime, relevant announcements about progress on the planned motorplex will be made in the press and on the Dowerin Field Days website

    Greg Ross was previously marketing manager of the Barbagallo Group, a founding member of the WA Bentley Drivers Club and one of the organisers of the annual Matso’s Run through the Kimberley. Currently his toys include a Honda Black Widow cruiser motorbike (look for the number plate A MUSE) and he’s just taking delivery of a pristine two owner 1967 Ford Fairmont with a hell of a history – it’s believed the original owner ran drugs from Cape Town to Johannesburg, with the car confiscated by the SA government!

    For further information, please contact:

    Greg Ross
    Dowerin Events Management Inc
    Ph: (08) 9631 1021
    Mob: 0428 311 021
    Email: [email protected]

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    Welcome Greg, Thanks for keeping us up to date,
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      good stuff,
      there are a lot of people on this forum who are very interested in this project, no to mention many of us will be future customers!
      if you want any input from the motorcycle perspective - there are some very experienced and knowledgeable people on here who i'm sure would love to assist.
      keep us informed.


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        This is good news, Thanks!


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          Good stuff

          I still reckon that circuit needs to be at least 4.5km long, with maximum viewing from any position. The layout would want to be as good, if not better than Phillip Island.

          Why aim for only local racing if we have a clean slate to start building with now? Be at least thinking about motogp, world superbike, asian cup races etc

          Drags is a great idea. If supermoto could be squuezed in there somewhere, that would be great too. Kart track + dirt section = supermoto track

          Looking forward to riding there someday, and spending time in town.
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            A longer and more interesting circuit than barbagallo will get the attention of many in WA.


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              somewhere to legally stunt would be a good thing as well!


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                Awesome stuff! SOunds like you have lots of boxes ticked already, just make the track interesting and you're half way there.
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                  +1 for the lenght of the track....4.5km with at least 12 corners to comply with international standards...if you cater for it, they will come, I reckon....
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                    Welcome aboard Greg.
                    Thanks for the update.
                    Be plenty of supporters on this forum.
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                      Great to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to post =). I know that allot of people were initually concerned about noise levels so its great to hear that the location is going a bit further away from the town.
                      great news


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                        One thing's for sure, after watching Bathurst yesterday and seeing some of the facilities there, they will need to build some decent facilities at the Dowerin track if they want to entice V8 Supercars or Superbikes there..


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                          Awesome. Dowerin's that little bit closer than bunbury.
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                            Im really keen on the idea - I'll dig up some of the stuff that led to the demise of the national round in Perth when I get home - will let you know what the issues are with the promotor etc
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                              Originally posted by T_B R1 View Post
                              Awesome. Dowerin's that little bit closer than bunbury.
                              and you wont have the same issues with traffic if there's an event on a long weekend or around xmas/easter as you would at bunbury. could you imagine what it'd be like trying to get to something like the supercars at bunno if held on a long weekend?
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